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I am such a girl!!!

let me start by saying that hard deliberation should take place before you get comfy in any artists chair. I thought about a tattoo for a long time before I actually committed to the idea in my own mind. No one should ever get one on impluse, out of spite, or under pressure. Those are the people who end up forking out 100's more than the actual cost of their tattoo to have it removed. I thought long and hard about a suitable design. No cartoon characters, band symbols(dead bears), or names. Too trendy, too common. I mean really, when you are 80 are you really still going to like that Mickey Mouse on your thigh? Well, I chose the traditional Fleur-de-Lis. It is a symbol that is part of the National Boy Scout badge. Mine is a little bit of a variation. It looks like the Fleur-de-lis that the Royal Family of France used as their National symbol years ago. It is simple with small detailed lines in the middle of the cross. I chose this because it is a timeless design that is not trendy at all. I have only seen one other person with the same thing, but it looked nothing like mine. When I finally decided on this I chose a small hole in the wall place in Nashville. It was very clean, but out of the way. I have heard that sometimes these are the best places to go. The guy's there had never done one of these, which worried me a little, but they drew it on a piece of paper and it was perfect. I was ready, I thought. I started sweating, got nauseous, and chickened out. The sound of the needles humming in the back room made me dizzy. I sat in the lobby and looked at books for about 30 minutes and finally decided that I was going to suck it up and do it. What did I have to lose? Of course I chose the most painful spot anywhere to have it done. On my lower back, right on my spine, on all of my nerve endings. What was I thinking? Well, I managed to get into the chair and Joe gave me a little test stick with no ink in the needle. It wasn't that bad, no worse than the pluck of an eyebrow. I was sitting backwards in the chair bent over forward to stretch my skin so there would be no gaps. I figured my discomfort would take away my concentration on the needle. I was wrong. When he started the outline it hurt like hell. I had ben told that by the time half of the outline is done your skin is numb. Bullshit!! When he was almost done with the outline I was soaked with sweat and felt like I was going to get sick all over the floor I was looking down at. I told him to stop with the outline and not to fill it in. He said no, that he had never done one of these before and he was going to finish it. I told him to stop for a minute because I was going to get sick. He grabbed the trash can and put it in front of me and told me not to get it on the floor. This guy meant business and was not going to quit. I was soaked with sweat at this point and very light headed. All of my nervousness from before was coming out now. He started the color. I chose two different shades of dark blue and told him to add whatever else he wanted. He got done with the blue and I heard the needle stop, I thought I was done, WHEW!! Ok now I can leave. Not yet, he said he wanted to add some gold and white for contrast. I didn't think about it when he said it, but I am white, meaning that the white ink wasn't going to show up well. When he started that it felt like that needle was about six inches deep in my spine. I could feel the needle almost hitting the bone. I told him that I wasn't feeling sick anymore, but that I was going to pass out. He got a little freaked out and said that no one had ever passed out on him and I wasn't going to be the first. I breathed deep and tried really hard not to. I came really close, but I didn't. When he got done I felt like I had run a 100 mile marathon. I was exhausted. I came home the next day and turned around in front of the mirror and almost cried. I thought, "What have I done to my skin?" I got over that feeling in a few days when people started telling me how cool it was. I have been really happy with it especially since it is out of my everyday vision. I think that if I saw it all the time I would get really tired of it. The location has pluses and HAD minuses, but I am so glad I got it done. My only advise to anyone, especially the lower back people is this: if you have a low pain tolerance, DONT DO IT!!

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Aug. 1999
in Tattoos

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Artist: Joe
Studio: Fantasy+Tattoo
Location: Nashville%2C+TN

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