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My first tattoo

lly turned 18 and that meant that i could finally get a tattoo so i talked to my cousin because she has many tattoos and she knows the people in the shop so i call her up one day and find out when she can take me in there it wont be until next week. i didnt want to wait that whole week but that was the only way. then there were a couple things i was worring about that if after i got it done would it still look cool a couple years ago or if i liked it now would i like it a month ago so all these new questions were coming up in my mind i talked it over with my cousin and decided to go through with it. i had a pic of a tattoo printed out off of the internet that i wanted but i said i might pick something else out. finally the day came i met my cuz at the tattoo shop we went in and started looking around at all the different tribal tattoos there were so many to choose from i saw a bunch that looked good but i didnt think it was my type of tattoo so i kept on lookin geeze it was a hard decision we were lookin around for almost about a half hour until i seen one that i liked and that was the one it was a hard choice. so i tell the guy that is it and i sit in the chair. this was the last chance to back out but i wanted one so bad that i stuck with it. he put the temp tattoo on and made me look at it. it looked really cool. so i told him that and it started. first he shaved the area it was on then started putting the tools together. that sound i first heard made me start shakin like if i wanted to go through with it or not i did of course and i just kept on thinkin only about an hours worth of pain i can do it ive gone through much more pain in my life that just a little needle goin in and out of my back. he starts the outline im like man i tought this would hurt a little more but it definately did hurt. he keeps on goin its gettin a little numb now but the pain is still there its also starting to burn by this point but it really burns when he goes for a long time without stopping for more ink. when he gets to the lower part of my shoulder blade the pain is the worst i just shut my eyes and hoped that it would soon be over. yes finally the outline is done. now with the filling in that was the easy part it barely hurt at all i could even watch that out of the corner of my eye it was cool. now its done and i go to the mirror to look at it it is great i love it he bandages it up and tells me how to take care of it and when im done my cousin wants another tattoo just from watching me get one this took whole thing took a little less than an hour i thought it went very fast but it didnt seem like almost an hour the first day after it was done i took very good care of it my girl friend put the cream on it every 2 hours or so to keep it nice and moist. work was a little hard with this fresh tattoo. my friend hit me on the back where it was a couple times by accident not knowing. then my graduation party a week and a half after it is done the scab is still on and a few of my buddies decide to tackle me for the hell of it just about all of the scab falls off with this incident and im in pain again i hate them for doing this it hurt almost as much as it did getting done. well its about a month and a half after i got it done and healed completely i just need to go back and get a couple places on it touched up and then maybe when im in there ill get another one or maybe a piercing who knows well anyway i love my tattoo and i want to say that if anyone reading this wants a tattoo really bad should get one they are definately cool and fun to get done i want a couple more tattoos i think the next one i get will be some other kind of tribal design on my calf or a tribal armband that i wanted for about two years now once i get my pictures developed and scanned email me and ill send u a pic of what it looks like ill gladly send it to you

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Aug. 1999
in Tattoos

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