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My Tribal Heart

bal Heart Just recently I went and got my first tattoo. I've wanted a tattoo for a long time. When my boyfriend was going out of town I thought it would be the perfect time to surprise him when he got home. I went into Eternal Tattoos on a Friday afternoon thinking I could get in and get it done that day. Well, as it turns out I had to make an appointment and the soonest I could get was Tuesday. So, I made the appointment and waited anxiously for Tuesday to come. I'd searched the net looking for the perfect tattoo. I knew I wanted something tribal but I didn't know exactly what. Finally, I found a sight that had one picked out. It was a tribal heart and I love it! I already knew where I was getting it. I wanted to put it in a spot that could be seen easy enough but also hid just as easily. So, I picked the top of my right arm. My tattoo artist, Josh Cerny was awesome! He put me totally at ease and he was great. He explained things, told me I could take a break anytime I wanted, and he did an awesome job. When I got there I gave him my drawing and he went and made a copy of it. This was like the decal that was going to put on my arm. I went in and signed the "in case you die it's not our fault" form. After he had put the decal on my arm and I was satisfied with the placement(I made him move it once) he put on new gloves and I watched as he got his area all ready. He turned on the machine and when I heard the buzzing I knew I was finally going to get my first tattoo! He told me that he was ready to start and that he would do a small line so I could get a feel for it. I was expecting lots of pain, but surprisingly it wasn't bad. And I knew it was going to be pretty easy. I've read some of the experiences on BME and I've heard a lot that the outlines were the hardest and most painful part. The outlining wasn't bad at all for me. There were parts when he was getting close to the underside of my arm that were a little more sensitive, but it was the same way when he was doing the fill in. He told me that I could take a break whenever I wanted. But, I just wanted to hurry and get my tattoo! I just talked with my friend Apryl who went with me and listened as my artist and some of his buddies talked. And while it was quiet I just thought about what my boyfriend would say when he saw it! The whole thing probably took a little under an hour from the time he started tattooing to the time he finished. He cleaned it off and told me to go take a look in the mirror. I love it! The whole tattoo cost me $80 including the generous tip I left him. He went over aftercare and told me if I had any problems that it was guarnteed and I could come back. But, it's been perfect! It's been over a week and it's doing great! For the first 4 days I put A&D ointment on it. After that, I switched to lotion to keep it from drying out. I was told that it would scab up but it hasn't yet and Apryl told me today it looks like it's always been there. It hasn't even itched bad either, which I'm glad! I've been taking very good care of it, washing it and keeping lotion on it. I already can't wait to get my next one! I'll definatly go back to Josh Cerny at Eternal Tattoos. Oh yea, almost forgot. When Paul saw it he said "Oh Ang...that's nice!" And then he started on what to do and what not to do. Mr expert who has no tattoos! :) But, I love him. He's just trying to help. Can't wait till he gets his! He was afraid to touch me for a few days after I had it done. He was afraid he would hurt me! It was a little sore the day I had it done but after that it never hurt again. Perhaps on some areas it would be worse than others. But, the next one I would like to get across the top of my back...something tribal again. I don't know why I like the tribal designs so much, I'm just not that crazy about colors. But, if anyone is in the Detroit area I would definatly recommend Josh Cerny at Eternal Tattoos. The prices there are also excellent! I wish they had been around when I had my piercings done because I paid a lot more for them!

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Aug. 1999
in Tattoos

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Artist: Joshua+Cerny
Studio: Eternal+Tattoos
Location: Detroit%2C+MI

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