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my first tattoo!

do i start? with the basics i guess. my name is Lee and i got my first tattoo on May 12th 1999 at age 15. I wasn't supposed to get one and my parents constant threats to throw my and my sisters out if we got one didnt help much, but never fear i did get one! i had managed to save up some dough $50 that my parents had been given me and had to sell my beloved camera to a friends mother. i paid in advance through an anonymous source [my parents still want to get their hands on the person responsible!] i had been thinkin about gettin one for a long time and carefully selected a message and font for it. i showed it to my friends and they all approved my choice. then came the day. i was a little scared i mean tattooin was little new to me. i was so anxious it scared me. my friends mom didnt help much either filling my mind with stories about hers, a rose on her ankle. the guy, "Grumpy" was supposed to show up at 6pm but for some unknown reason he came 1hr late! i took my postion in the chair and braced for the foreseen pain. but he wasnt ready yet. he was showin me the equipment he was goin to use and proving to me that the products were clean and sterilized. as he set up i looked through his magazine, nice stuff i might add. my friend tried to cheer me up by constantly tellin his mom he was gettin this one or gettin this one, she responded by smackin him upside the head. i was ghastly pale as "Grumpy" stated he was finally ready. he drew the design out perfectly on a piece of paper and used deodourant to transfer the ink from the paper to my abdomen. looked good to me. i had to relax and breath he said. he 'zapped' with the gun to show me what the pain was like, i flinched but it wasnt too bad. i sat in the chair keepin a straight face while 3 of my idiot friends cracked jokes. i was totally freakin out in the chair. i was afraid one of em was gonna make me laugh. after a while the pain was gettin to me. it wasnt the pain of the needle stabbin my skin and pumpin it with ink, it was the iritation that got to me. my skin was red. i mean RED. it looked like a really bad sunburn. i tried to focus away from the pain and that seemed to work. my friends had Korn blastin in the background and when "got the life" came on they cranked it and started singin like a bunch of japanese tourists in a kareoke bar! im not kidding. then the dreaded thing happened. my friend aval cracked a joke that i couldnt help but laughin at. i bursted out laughin tried as hard as i could to stop but i couldnt. "Grumpy" was cool about it though. he warned me about free-lining before he started. he mustve known i was gonna laugh though because with split-second timing he turned off the machine and saved me from the horror of a permanent free-line on my stomach. after about a 30 - 40 mins period he said the words i was waiting for "we're done!" then he looked at my stomach and said, "oh hang on them me just do a touch up here" total perfectionist here. i was in so much pain in my head i was thinkin ' oh no! its ok really its fine!' i sat back like he instructed. i just kept thinkin 'dont fix the F! dont fix the F!' what letter needed touch ups? the F. i may not have had experience at the time but i knew what letter was hurtin. after he was done he broke the needle infront of me to show he wasnt gonna reuse it and gave me instructions about maintaining it and how to keep it clean etc. i took one look in the mirror and fell in love. that was fuckin perfect! i was proud of it, and to this day i still have NO regrets about gettin it. it was red as hell and i had to keep a shirt on infront of my parents all the time. its hard to hide the thing. it was a little red and iritated the first few days but it was worth it. all my friends stared at it like theyve never seen one before. it was a little odd but now theyre used to it. well if anyones actually readin this and wants to know what my tattoo is of.....i thought a long time about what to get. i knew it was permanent so it had to be good, i dont want to regret it. and you have to obey "the rules" never get a band, a name of a luved one etc. because you might regret it....or maybe not but anywayz. i kame to a decision when i looked at me girlfriend. and i realized that i got the life. i got it made and everything was so perfect especially her. well it sayz "got the life" in a semi-circle across my stomach in navy-blue 1.5" letters. my only advice to people is that i totally advise tattoos and piercing if theyre right fer you, never get a piercing or tattoo kause someone tells you to either, express yerself in yer own way be an induvidual! and make sure the shits clean, u dont want no disease or some shit that aint kool. oh yah before i fergot - never kut off partz off yer genitals! i know it may look kool now but im sure yer gonna regret slicing yer manhood in half and stickin objects like a toothbrush where it dont belong! thats a totally different oral [man that shits too weird fer me!]

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 Aug. 1999
in Tattoos

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Artist: Grumpy+%5Banonymous+friend%5D
Studio: friend%27s+living+room
Location: Toronto

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