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My first tattoo at age 57

by Bill Kise Columbia South Carolina USA

For most of my life (even during my childhood), I have admired the tattoo art on the bodies of both men and women. I had searched the National Geographic Magazine for pictures of tribal and oriental designs, which attract my fancy a bit more than the others. I'm sure that in my subconscious mind, I was searching for a unique design which would adorn my own body someday. Problem was that much of what I had seen, while beautiful, was not the unique design which would reflect my own personal individuality. So I set out to design one.

Having been "brought up" in the Christian faith, I had heard all the warnings of going to hell for adorning ones body with tattoo's. That subconscious dogma held me back from doing something that I really wanted to do for myself. As the years rolled on, and my knowledge of the way that religion works and how denominations "dominate" their parishioners, I became more aware that what I had been taught all my life, was really somebody else's interpretation of words written 2000 years ago. Another one of those "to much information" things which had nothing to do with me or my life as an adult. I decided that I WOULD have a tattoo, maybe more than one.

Setting out to design a tattoo that would be etched into my skin and stay with me for life was my quest. I looked at hundreds of books and thousands of pictures of tattoos and even trademarks! I loved looking at the pictures but never seemed to find the one that would "be me". I started playing with words which I could combine into a single symbol. Much of it looked hokey or not very pleasing to the eye. I began playing with my name; Bill, William, Will, KISE! I decided that the composite would be created using my last name in one character.

Eventually settling on the symbol:.

I took a trip to Atlanta GA and visited my favorite tattoo/piercing artist, Bethra at Timeless Tattoo on Chishere Bridge Road. I showed Bethra what I had settled on, which she agreed was not only unique but also pleasing to look at.

A little background on me: I am the Dominate leader of a household of 5 submissive's, we live in separate locations, but I am still the head of the household.

One of my family members, johnboy, had been with me for about 4 months. He watched me work on the design and liked it very much. He had been tattooed once before and had wanted another, but could never decide on what to do or where. I asked him if he would like to wear my design, he thought on it overnight, then said "Yes, very much so". The Dominates "signal" is the wearing of a "flag" or "hanky" on the left side of the body, the submissive's side is on the right. I had always wanted to brand one of my submissive's on their right ass cheek to show my ownership of them, but had never seriously moved to do so. johnboys decision to accept my tattoo on his butt was a serious move on his part and one that made me feel pride as well as very turned on! Bethra tattooed his upper right butt cheek first and 2 months later she inscribed my left (Dominate) upper arm with the same design.


Timeless Tattoo, Bethra and all of the staff there are serious professionals who take pride in their work and their reputations, not only Tattooing but also piercing (see my article under PA's in the piercing section of BME). After making an exact stencil of my design and shaving the area to which it was to be affixed, she transferred the stencil to my arm. The design was to be outlined in black and filled with red. She began the outline, which took about 30 minutes to complete. After a short rest and after changing to a clean "fill-in" gun, she began the red "filling in" part of the procedure. Bethra commented on how well the ink flowed into the design and kept me calm by talking with me throughout the process. Having never had a tattoo before, I was excited and could only guess at the degree of intensity I would endure. There was of course was some pain,(having 10,000 needles going into and out of your skin can become very intense sometimes). I was elated at having the tattoo inscribed onto my body and the endorphen rush was working all over me, not just my arm. After another 30 minutes, she was finished! We looked at the tattoo (which is the same size as the one on johnboy's butt) and decided that we had done good! The success of my design and Bethra's artistic expertise had come through again! Since that time, one of my other submissive, a black female "boy chick" has had this symbol of my household tattooed in black on her right (submissive) upper arm.

That design is the first ever for me. I have recently decided on a second one which will be on my right upper arm and is the established design of the BDSM community. A sort of triple Ying-Yang in a circle which denotes straight, gay and bisexuals in the BDSM community. I don't know if or when the third will come but I'll keep you posted.

July 27, 1999


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on: 15 Aug. 1999
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