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I'm adicted to self tattooing

ave become adicted to self tattooing. Everyone that i tell that i did my own tats cringe at the thought and ask me(doesn't that hurt like hell. Really it doesn't hrt that bad. Of course i have tender spots, but hell even them don't hurt that bad. I dont know maybe i'm just adicted to the pain. But hey it's worth it.

I got my first tat when i was about 16. I kind of regret the tat that i got, but i don't regret getting a tat. That tat has centamental value to me now. Me and three of my good friends that i grew up with were there when i got it done. Two of us got tats. One of my friends that was there i dead now and i miss him greatly. but every time i look at my first tat i think of him. So i guess i don't regret it at all.

I was 21 before i ever got another tat. And when i did, i did it myself. I was sitting in our lcal county jail in Unicoi TN. One da i got really really bored. a couple of us got to talking about our first tats. Then one of the guys said he knew how to make indian ink. So i got him to make some for us. We had cable tv in jail so i cut a peice of the cable off with a busted disposable razer. I took the solid peice of copper wire out of the middle of it and sharppened it onthe concrette floor. then i took a tooth brush and cut the brush off of it and melted the copper wire into it. Then i took some thread off of a sheet and wrapped it around the needle to set the depth. I was pretty scared because i knew the needle wasn't that sharp. But i got up the balls to do it so i sat and drew a few things. most of what i drew looked like shit but finally i drew a half way decent rose. theni used deoderant to transfer it to my arm. About now i was pretty nervous. But ijust tried not to think about it and dipped the needle in the ink and made my first few pokes. Let me tell you, that hurt like hell, but you know the saying no pain no gain. I just tried to look over the pain and just went poke after pole until it was done.When i finally got done it looked like shit i thought. But considring that i can't draw and i had never dne a tatoo before it looked pretty good.

About three weeks after i got out of jail, i meet the love of my life. We now have a daughter tgether. I got bored one knight sitting around sipping on an ice cold BUD ICE and tried to make a tattoo gun. and to my surprise i did a pretty damn good job. Then i tried to make the ink. That was where i ran into trouble. I made the ink but i didn't make it right. I had Wendy write my daughter's name on my chest and i tattooed it. But as it heeled just about every bit of ink came right out of it.

I talked to someone that i knew that did tats and asked him where he got his ink. He told me to go to the art supply store and buy Higgens ink. So i went ad got some and the next night after talking to him i tried it again. this time it stayed in and didn't look that boad at that. But i couldn't just stop there. that was my third tat on my body.

Then i sat and drew a heart with a banner through it and wrote wendy's name in it. It looks pretty good. It seemed like each tat i did i got better and better. and other people could see the improvement also. then i drew three hearts together with one banner wrapping and going through all three hearts . One heart on top and two underneath it. That tat looks really good.

Then i got even braver and got a stencil out of a skinand ink magazine. It looks like a cross between a joker a nd a sun. I put it on my left calf"on the side"it looks pretty good to. Buy now my work is looking pretty good. I have started to learn a little about the needle depth and healing.

I was so confident that i found a picture of goofy in a Disney book that looked like he was stoned. I put it just above my left knee. I did an incredible job on it. Now i have people everywhere i go asking me to fix there tats or put new ones on them. But i wouldn't until i had more practice.

Wendy"my fience' saw how good my work was getting and decide she wanted another tat. she found a Miney mouse in the book where i got Goofy. I put it on her right ankle and it looks emaculant. I did an incredable job on it. then i took the picture of her Miney and made her into Mickey and put it on my right ankle. Now we have a pair of good looking matching tats.

My most recent tat is an eagle head with trible art behind it sort of at the bottom. I put it above my right knee. It is my best work yet. I am pretty good with my gun now but i still have alot to learn before i open my own studio. I guess that is why I am practicing so much on my self and my friends. I hope you have enjoyed my tattoo experience as muchas i enjoy telling it. And if someone tells ypu ypu will regret getting a tat. Thtat is if you haven't already got one. don't listen to them. Just take a little advice, get it for memories not just the art work.

signing off Magic Man


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Aug. 1999
in Tattoos

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