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My first tattoo

my first tattoo on December 17th 1998. I wasn't supposed to get one but I did. See what happened is that my friends and I had planned to get a tattoo on Dec. 17th. We all had our money, except for me I wanted to buy christmas presents We arrived there and looked at all the designs it took Mylène about an hour and a half to decide on a design. My friend Mylène got a flowery design, Valerie a butterfly and Emilie got a butterfly too. My friend Mylène was the first one to get her tattoo done, it took her a while about 35 mintues, when she got back (she got tattooed on the second floor of the studio and it cost 5$ to watch) she was pale and told my two other friends to not get one because the pain was too great, she said that she felt like she was going to faint. Well Valerie didn't listen and wet off her butterfly took her about 30 minutes. While she was getting her tattoo done I was trying to convince my friend Emilie to go through with it. She wasn't really sure if she wanted it and she didn't want to suffer, I told her that it would hurt but at the end she would be really happy of what she got. Now she finds her tattoo too big, even though I don't. Well I ended up convincing her. While she was gone, I was looking at the tattoo models when I saw this cool asian dragon. I was really cool. I originally wanted to get a Japanese sign but the dragon was way cooler so I decided to get it I'm not sure if I still want a japanese sign, if I ever want one I'll probably get it done on my right calve. I know I wasn't supposed to get a tattoo that day but my friend Emilie offered to lend me the money so I went for it. I was totally nervous, I was sweating and shaking. I looked around me and exchanged a smile with someone else whom I didn't know, she didn't look in much pain, the guy next to me was getting a tribal design on his arm, the tattoo wasn't hurting him at all. I went into a studio that had a glass wall, my friends could see me. At first I thought it was cool but then they started to piss me off making me even more nervous. Stacey my tattooist got ready and she cleaned everything and was totally professional. At first she photocopied the tattoo the wrong side I wanted the dragon to face the left side of my ankle. She put the "decal" on my outer left ankle and got th needle out of the sterilt wrap. Up until then I was nervouse but when she turned on the machine I wasn't sure if I still wanted a tattoo, but I really wanted one so I didn't chicken out. I found that as Stacey went lower on my ankle the pain got worst, that's because the bone was closer to the surface of the skin. It felt like small electric shocks. My friends had told me that after a few minutes the pain goes away, well it didn't go away for me. It hurt through out the whole 25 minute procedure. During most of the procedure my friends were looking at me and trying to get my mind off the pain but somehow it really bothered me. I can still remember a few of the songs that played during the 25 minutes of hell the Orb's Little fluffy clouds and Intergalactic by the BBoys. I can remember eveything about that day. I'm pretty sure my friends are like that too. After my dragon was done it still hurt. My ankle hurt for 3 days and bit of pressure hurt, although it wasn't as intense as the first day the pain was still present.I put polysporin on it every few hours and at the end of the healing process I put moistuizer on it. It took about 8-9 days for it to heal. All of my friends tattoos formed scabs at the surface but mine didn't. The days following getting my tattoo I had this feeling of "WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST DO ?" the thought of it being permanent freaked me out but now I'm happy with my first piece of body art. I don't regret my tattoo at all, as a matter of fact I want 3 more. One thing that I think's totally cool about tattoo's is that it's fun to compare tattoos I met a few people with tattoos and we show eachother our art work, it's an instant conversation starter. My father still doesn't know about my tattoo I asked him for permission(i'm 17) but he refused so I did it anyway. He told me that if I got a tattoo done he's grate it off so I'm not taking any chances yet I'll wait till I'm 18 which is soon. I thought I'd tell him shortly after but every time I want to I chicken out. I suggest you don't look at the tattoo getting done because you'll feel even more pain. I don't want to scare anyone by saying it hurt, but one it's all healed you forget about how you suffered and want to get another one. The other piece of advice I will give is think about getting a tattoo because you don't want to be stuck with something you'll get tired of. The last piece of advice I'll give you is: Go check out the bathroom at the tattoo parlour because if the bathroom's clean the rest is probably clean too. The other tattoo's I want are on my right foot(a tribal design), an odd design on my lower back, on the spine and a little angel on my right thigh. I also plan on getting my tongue pierced in about 25 days when I turn eighteen. Where I live it's supposed to be illegal to get a tattoo or a piercing without parental permission but the tattoo artists don't care as long as the get their money. jessika

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Aug. 1999
in Tattoos

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Artist: Stacey
Studio: Tattouage+Iris
Location: downtown+montreal+%28ontario+street%29

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