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Tattoo, navel and tongue

all began when i was 15 years old. My sister who is 5 years older than i am already had 3 tattoos at the time and i was fascinated by the whole idea.

I was in Singapore and was getting prepared to go to boarding school.

It was just like any other day except instead of going shopping for clothes i decided to go searching for a tattooist with my sister. I finally found one and as i entered the place, i felt really good. I was determined to get it done, i remember thinking it's "now or never". I flipped through, what seemed like, hundreds of books of designs. An hour or two later, i stopped at a design of a few daisies. Since i didn't have that much money on me i decided to go for something small. I ended up getting a small purple and blue daisy which blend together into white and the centre is yellow. I was afraid that my parents would find out, so i asked them to do it on my upper left breast, that way i could conceal it and there was no way that my parents would find out.

As i stood there in front of the tattooist, i couldn't help but look at

the man who was next to me getting his tattoo on his back. He had been there for about 3 hours and it was his 2nd visit since the day before. It was a picture of a beautiful woman... a dark haired woman and next to her was an outline of a bear. As i was staring at the design, the guy called me over to lie down. He caught me by suprise, and finally i was going to get my first tattoo.

I remember afterwards i felt so relieved that i finally got it done and

till now i still love it, it's a small, feminine flower but it has a meaning to it. It was a new start to a new school, environment and life.

My navel piercing was done a year or so later. It was more like a last

minute act. I had just gone for a modeling shoot and afterwards i knew i wouldn't get a call back since it required girls that were tall and was willing to cut their hair. I was lacking in the height requirements. Anyway, i ended up getting my navel done and although i'm scared of needles, i knew i had to get it done.

I walked in and said i wanted to get my navel pierced, so the woman

behind the counter led me to some papers to fill out. I chose my ring with an amethyst ball.

Afterwards, i had the biggest rush! I couldn't believe i got it done...

I was more impressed with my bravery than the actual piercing. Till today, i still love my belly ring.

Now i'm in university and recently i got my tongue pierced in

Melbourne, Australia. I had a dream about getting my tongue peirced the night before. Basically, i was getting my tongue peirced but the balls at the end kept falling off. What was weird was the barbell was shaped as a horn and they had to pierce it twice. I woke up the next morning and i decided i had to get it done. After calling my sister, who recently moved to Texas, and asking her opinions she let talk to her boyfriends mother who is in fact in the tattooing and piercing business. She talked me through it and explained to me what i should do after if i were to get my tongue pierced. I made up my decision.

I made an appointment at 3 o'clock down in Prahan's Piercing Urge. It

was over in a few minutes probably even less. I walked in and said my name and signed a paper to say i hadn't taken any drugs or alcohol in the past 24 hours.

I sat down in the clean, office like place and waited my turn. When my

turn came up, the guy explained everything and asked me to stick out my tongue. I asked if it was going to hurt and his response was, 'no'. Even though it was just one word, he reassurred me that things would be fine as long as i take care of it.

Once it was over and i paid, i headed towards Hungry Jacks to buy a

chocolate Sundae. I waited for the tram and when i got on, the first thing i did was smile and i felt once again that feeling of relief. I built up the courage and it was worth all the anticipation and questions.

It's been nearly a week, the swelling has gone down and i am so glad i

got it done. I recommend it to anyone whether it is a piercing or a tattoo. Just remember, if you feel strongly towards the idea, i say go ahead and do it! If you have serious doubts... wait.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Aug. 1999
in Tattoos

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