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My First, Second and impending Third Tattoos

e's an 'News Update' on my foray into body art!

I did get my third tat' done - however I varied the design. I had wanted a Japanese Kanji symbol (Zen) integrated into a large tribal shoulder piece - I went and spoke with my tattooist (Paul @ Black Scorpion), took along a print of the Zen Kanji symbol and some copies of photos I had seen on tattoo related web sites. We talked about which aspects of the tribal designs I liked and sketched on paper the 'general feel' I was hoping to achieve from his design.

To Paul's credit, when I returned a week later, he had formulated two great designs, but the 'focal' centre of the designs, the Zen symbol, didn't quite sit right with me - typical eh? Ya ask someone to do something and then ya change ya mind, that's human nature I suppose!

At this point I felt a little disheartened, perhaps I should just stick to the flash that's readily available.

I still wanted the Kanji, and the tribal work - well I can't really emphasise how much that stuff connects with me.

But then it dawned on me - 'Hey, why don't I get two separate tats done and double the experience?'. Cool idea!

So I got my third tattoo done, the Zen symbol is located on my left outside hip/thigh, mirroring the location of my Bar Code. All this ink in such a short space of time (well, short for me. Let's face it, 29 years to get my first tat done, then a mere three weeks passes and I have three!) After the three tats I have had done, I am thankful that Paul has learned his craft well as my healing times have been very quick, with little or no loss of ink. The only loss I have had is on my armband, my tee-shirt caught the onion-peel scab a couple of times and made the tattooed area bleed a little.

It seems imperative that the scab must not be interfered with! No picking, scratching, rubbing or anything similar.

I decided that my next task, which I enjoyed immensely, was to take one of the tribal designs that Paul had done, and 'have a bit of a go' at creating a tattoo for my shoulder.

I completed the now 'Impending Fourth' tattoo design - thought it'd be a lot harder to integrate my thoughts onto paper than it was! Paul has made the stencil for my tribal shoulder piece, and I am ready to get the work done - hopefully within the next couple of weeks.

I have also started to formulating some ideas for the fifth tattoo - I love the bio-mechanical designs, not so much the horror style (skulls etc?) , but the techno genre. I would like to go for a larger piece: a bio-mech spine (obviously running down 'my' spine) showing a 'Terminator' style black/silver/grey skeleton revealed by my 'skin' torn open. Unfortunately this isn't in my tattooists main area of work, so I am looking into coming to the states or Canada to get inked. I am finding it hard to find out which artists specialise in this style of custom work, so I expect It will take some time to get this project off the ground.

Also, I have almost completed putting together a web site for my Tattooist (Paul of Black Scorpion in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, England - great guy, if a bit unique!). When it is up and running, I shall make sure that my flash and tat' photos are there, perhaps along with a bit of blurb about my experiences 'a la BME'. I'll let you guys know when it's finished.

BME is a total result in my book.

Cheers Stevemailto:[email protected]


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on: 01 Aug. 1999
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