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my faeries

n i was 16, i persuaded my parents to let me get a tattoo. i was so excited when they said "fine! but don't expect one of us to go with you".

They figured that if they didn't come, I couldn't get it done. But then, they've never had a lot of faith in me to begin with. :)

my best friend's brother got a tattoo by a friend of his who didn't over charge and it looked so good so i asked his name, and set up an appointment. The weird thing was, the shop was set up in his apartment and i was a little worried because there were tons of people over. But it didn't seem to matter to anyone else. I dragged my boyfriend with me as well as my best friend, got photocopies of the tattoo that i wanted and that was it. The photo-copies were around 40 cents each at Kinko's.

I sat in the chair (the tattoo was to be done on my thigh) with my photo copied faery and prepared myself for the pain. Earlier, i had told Jim, the guy who was to do my tattoo, that i didn't want to know when he was going to start tattooing me. I wanted him to just do it so it could be over with. But the pain never came. It wasn't painful so much as erotic, i actually enjoyed getting it done so much that my boyfriend wanted one as well. My boyfriend is slightly more conservative than i am, so this surprised me! We set up to get matching tattoo's, and got a celtic eternity symbol on our sides. The whole experience only costed me $40.00 and they're great. I loved the whole process that i'm still getting tattoo's by him. I wouldn't trust any one else with a needle and my skin.

The whole healing process was a bitch though. the tattoo's itched like crazy for the first week. i took A&D ointment with me everywhere i went: work, concerts, restaraunts, you name it. also, a lot of my skin was "falling off" so to speak. I thought it was a bad thing, but it was just my body's way of healing itself.

Tattoo 3:

This tattoo was done in January, about a month before my 18th birthday. Again, I wanted to get it done by Jim, the same man who did my other two, so I made an appointment. This tattoo was going to be a lot of work, so we had to arrange it in his hectic schedule. I was going to get this one on my lower back. Everyone kept telling me that i should get it on my upper back near my shoulderblades, but my mind was made up. I didn't care that they were telling me that this place would hurt more than other places. I thought it would look sexy near my butt. The tattoo took three hours to complete, and i was on my knees the whole time with my poor butt in the air, partially naked to all the people in the house. everyone was laughing at me because my legs kept falling asleep and i was trying to stomp on them to keep them awake. about midway through i saw myself starting to fall asleep because i was so exhausted, and i was the one who had to drive home! Jim's girlfriend turned the radio on and a lot of people took turns on the phone talking to friends and what not.

I had picked a butterfly with evil cat eyes in the center and a beautiful faery reading across the wings (you may have seen it in a tattoo magazine). The wings were colored the same as flame, and the faery wings are blue. it's so pretty!!

it was fairly painful at points, but nothing unbearable. I never cried out, which surprised everybody in the room. I felt like a champ.

The same night on my way home i noticed that my tattoo was bleeding heavily and my clothes were sticking to my upset skin. When i got to my friends house, at around 11:30 at night, my whole back and butt were bloody. So I spent awhile cleaning myself up with some lukewarm water, and then patting A&D ointment on it. I had to sleep on an old pillowcase for two weeks until there was no more skin falling off and the ink had settled. At that point, I showed it off to everyone i could. I was so excited and it turned out so GOOD!

A word of advice, however, keep in mind that everyone's pain tolerance is different. What hurts one person terribly may only hurt you slightly or not at all. So what I'm trying to say, is, don't listen to the stories that you hear, not all tattoos are painful.

another thing. every since i got my tattoos, i notice everyone else with one. it's almost like a comradarie i've got going with every other tattooed person in the world.



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 June 1999
in Tattoos

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