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My tattoo story

lo everyone. I've never posted anything on the internet before or anything so I don't know what I am really doing. But I got my first tattoo done yesterday and I thought since everyone here helped me, through their stories, in deciding what to do, I should share mine as well.

It all started two years ago when my mother, aunt, and cousin all went to get tattoos. My mother actually called me up at a friends house to ask me if I wanted to get one too. I was only 16 and very, no, totally shocked that my mother was asking me this. Her reason behind this was that they were all going to get the same rose done, and she wanted it to be kind of a family flower. I said yes, I wanted to get a tattoo, but I didn't want the rose. I figured if I was going to get one, it should definately be something I liked.When I told her this she sort of thought about it a little bit longer and told me that maybe I should wait until I was 18 because my father may not really like it. So I was a little disappointed but I agreed. I figure i'm really young and when I do finally get it, I'll appreciate it more knowing it wasn't a spur of the moment decision.

I never gave up on getting my tattoo, and over the past two years everyone who knew me or got to know me, heard about my tattoo. But nobody actually believed I would really do it. They all figured it was just talk. Well, I am 18 and a half now and the other day I decided it was time to go for my long awaiting tattoo. I never gave up on it these passed two years, I kept saying that I wanted to get dolphins tattooed on my back and everyone just laughed and didn't believe i would ever do it. Whenever I would see a picture of dolphins I liked I would tell people thats what my tattoo is going to look like. Originally I had planned on getting two dolphins in a kind of circle, like head to tail. But thats not what I decided on when I got there.

Yesterday I went to the tattoo parlor with my father, of all people (he is the only one who might have disapproved) , my cousin, who was interested in a second tattoo (an addition to the rose she has), and my brother, who just wanted to see me squirm I think. I waited for a couple hours after I had picked out my beautiful dolphin. I decided on a dolphin jumping over the moon. ( Its significance can be drawn from the musical Rent, my friends would know that but nobody has picked up on it yet. Hey guys!!!!!!!) I came to this decision after looking through what seemed like thousands of tattoos. I think it would have been more helpful if they had grouped all the dolphins together, I kind of had to skip around the store and try to decide between the ones I liked. I didn't want the dolphins to look like cartoons, but I wanted something that still had some color because I have very pale skin. The one I chose ( the dolphin jumping over the moon) was the most colorful one that still looked realistic. The only thing I didn't like was that in the picture the dolphin had a red eye. I told the tattooist to change the eye to another color because I thought that the dolphin looked possessed. He laughed and said no problem, what color. So I randomly chose green because its only a small dot so as long as it wasn't red, it didn't matter to me.

While I was waiting to get it done, my cousin kept asking me if I was nervous, but I wasn't. I think that after two years of waiting, and questioning other people with tattoos, I was basically ready. The tattooist asked who was next and brought me into the room. He asked me where I wanted to put it, and I told him where on my back. Its on my lower back but a little towards my hip. I had asked him to place it more towards my hip, because I assumed that the closer he got to my spine, the more it would hurt. He told me that I was better off moving it a little towards my spine, that it would actually hurt less there. I said no problem after I checked out where he put the stencil. It looked pretty good to me. He asked me whether or not I had a high tolerance for pain or not. I told him it depends on the pain. He said he just wanted to know if I though I would be jumpy or not. I said that I didn't think so. The only time I am jumpy is if you tickle me. He said to sit on the chair backwards and lean as far off it as I could without falling off and then to try to keep my back as flat as I could. When he started working, he told me he would do a few short lines first, so I would get the feel for it. My cousin came into the room with me to watch. I was kind of facing the doorway so people were occassionally peeking in and talking to me. They were asking me how it felt and what I was getting done, and stuff like that. I had no problem talking to them, because it took my mind off what he was doing, and it was better then looking at the floor. Plus I thought it would be nice to ease other peoples minds. The tattooist told me that what was on the picture was completed, but he asked me if it was alright to fill in a little more color because he thought that it would look better. I asked my cousin her opinion and she agreed that it would look nicer with more color. He said he could put in some more light blue, white or grey. He strongly suggested the blue because he thought it would look the best with my skin tone. I said sure, if he thinks its going to make it look better, I wanted it to be as nice as he could make it. I also liked the idea of it being slightly different then any other person who chose the same tattoo. When he finished working, he asked me to take a look at it. He cleaned off the blood so I could take a look in the mirror. I tried to get up but my legs were dead from sitting the way I was sitting. So I waited a few minutes for them to come back to life and the n he wiped it off and I got to look at it. I loved it right away and I was extremely pleased with all the extra coloring work he had done. Then he bandaged up my dolphin, which isn't too big (around 21/2 inches) and told me to try to leave the bandage on for twelve hours. He gave my a list of instructions on how to care for it and told me that if I had any questions at all to call him up.

The place was well kept and everything was clean or else my father would have turned me around and walked right out with me. It took about a half hour or so for the artist to complete, and yes it did hurt a little but nobody who hasn't done it before can possibly explain the awesome feeling you have when it is finally complete. I love it so incredibly much that I've been walking around feeling like I can do anything now. Everyone at the place kept saying, when you come back for your next one get this or that. I keep laughing and saying that I'm not getting anything else done, one is enough. But they say its like potato chips, can't have just one. ( and i already have other plans)

Right now I have just been going to all my friends houses and showing off my beautiful artwork. I have stategically place on my back so that I can show it when I want to show it. It won't interfere in anyway with future careers or anything like that. But now a days I don't think people really seem to mind. I'm still on a high from getting it done, I am ridiculously happy that i feel silly being so excited about it. Tattoos aren't for everyone but Its something I've wanted and it was a truly undescribable experience. Thanx for all your stories.



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on: 15 June 1999
in Tattoos

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