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Have You Lost Your Mind?

T was the question of the day when I proudly showed off my recent tattoo. This has been a lifelong dream of mine since I was a teenager. I have always been on a search for the 'perfect' tattoo pic to have emblazoned on my flesh forever. I will be 45 yrs old in a few weeks and realized it was high time I did it before it was too late! Initially, my daughter (now 20) and I were going to get tattooed together for her 18th birthday. We were away on vacation and were all set to go. We went to "Fine Line Art" to get inked and I told her that I had chickened out. So, we both got pierced (she, her tongue and me, my nose). Well, that went over in a very bad way, even tho I wear a beautiful and dainty diamond stud. My employer INSISTED that it be covered; so, in protest, I covered it with Winnie the Pooh band-aids. That was not received well either! I finally found clear plastic discs that I keep in the hole when I'm working in order to keep the hole open (it will close in about 8 or so hours otherwise). So, still no tattoo and the years are flying by. I am planning a big change in my life in the upcoming weeks (moving out of state) and my dear friend wanted us to do something memorable together and she suggested that we get tattooed. Well, what the hell!! I had been carrying around the gorgeous fairy picture that I had wanted for a very long time and decided to go for it. We went to our local tattoo shop (Ancient Art) and scoped out the place. The people were very nice, it was spotless clean and there were repeat customers there, so that was a good sign! I showed the artist who would be inking me my picture and he explained that it had a great deal of detail and he would have to enlarge the picture, for a cost of $300!!!!!! Ok, thanks, see ya, have a nice day! I took my picture back and figured that was it. But he asked how much I was able to spend and I said $200. He said to leave the picture and he would re-draw it and get back to me. My friend and I leave tattoo-less and talk about it constantly for the next 2 weeks. Finally the artist contacts me to let me know he has made a re-creation of my picture and will do it for the $200. I set up an appointment for the next day and off we go. My friend was getting a standard stock small tattoo along with her husband's name on her hip, so it was not as involved for her. We get there and are both chain-smoking before going in. It is finally MY turn and I sit in the chair but had to bend over slightly and keep my head down (my fairy picture is on my back, between my shoulder blades and is about 5 inches across and 6 inches in height). He has all the colors prepared and everything is wrapped in plastic. He snaps the gloves on his hands and, after cleaning off my back, places the decal on. Well, that sure didn't hurt a bit. I'm feeling kinda good about all of this!!! He then explains that he will be doing a test line so I can see what it feels like. Bzzzzzz......no big deal. This is going to be a breeze!!! He then gets down to business. Ow, ow, ow, tears running down my face...ow, ow, ow...for nearly half an hour!!! He is telling me to breathe and relax (easy for him to say). He is then telling me he is done with the outline. Oh my God, you mean we're not done yet?? He had informed me prior to starting that it would take approximately two hours because it is a big picture and has a lot of color and detail (the fairy's wings are shades of blue and are feathered and she is sitting on a rock that is purple). Ok, now it is time for the color. I'm tensed for the worst but it actually was not too bad. My entire back became numb for another half hour while he did the darker colors. Then, in the last half hour, he was doing the detailed portion of the wings and the fairy herself (she sits almost directly on my spine). Ow, ow, ow, ow....more tears....runny nose. This hurts so much, but I can't be a sissy. I waited for over 25 years to have this done!!!!!! I can do this!!!! Just when I was at the point that I thought I could not stand it, he said he'd be done in about five minutes....it actually took 6 minutes (i timed him of course!!!). Ok, relief and normal breathing again. It felt kind of stingy at this point. He then hands me a mirror to go look at her! Oh My God!!!!! I have the most gorgeous piece of artwork on my back forever and always!!! I reek of pride and accomplishment!!!! My friend & I leave the place and are both so queasy and nervous and excited that we are finally tattooed. We get our recommended lotion and go get a bite to eat. My tattoo is currently 6 days old and still feels very weird. I wash it about 4 times a day and put lotion on whenever it begins to feel tight or dry. The few friends that have seen it have given mixed reactions, but I have gotten more male approvals than female's. Who cares??? It is mine, all mine and I love it!!!! I am still not to the point of wanting more and have even insisted that I will NEVER do it again, but I was just wondering.....a little ivy around the rock would look pretty cool!!!!

Don't let anyone else convince you to get or not to get a tattoo. Also, make sure you think long and hard prior to getting something permanently placed on your flesh. I am sorry I waited so long to get one!!! ox linda


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 June 1999
in Tattoos

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