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inally got my tattoo. It's hard to believe, because I've wanted one for over 3 years. But I'm only 17.

I had talked to my mother about it, and I figured she'd let me, seeing as she'd let me have my brow, tongue, nose and labret pierced, as well as lots in my ears… But when I asked about the tattoo, it was a "wait until you're 18" kinda deal. I'm not sure how it came about (probably the fact that I pass easily for 18), but mum decided to let me get one around the 1999 New Year, as she didn't want me going behind her back. The deal was she had to know what I was getting, where I was getting it, and how big it was going to be. And seeing as my 17th birthday was in November, New Year's seemed as good a time as any to get one.

Well for some reason things didn't go as planned. My sister bought mum a tattoo voucher for her birthday in Feb. and it was valid for 3 months. I'd given up asking for a tattoo, and instead got my labret. Mum finally decided to get her tattoo in May, a small butterfly on her left shoulder. While we were waiting for the tattooist (Dave) to finish the guy he was working on, I asked him if he could draw one for me, and if it'd cost extra to bring my own design and all those other questions. (While he did the tattoo, he, mum, the piercer and I talked about this woman who calls herself "The Piercing lady" and does ads on the radio for her piercing studio. We talked about her piercing a 10-year old girl's nipple, and how she drinks wine all day and can't see for shit... Okay, off the track there... At the time, I'd wanted a tattoo to do with me being a Scorpio. I had asked my boyfriend to draw me one with it's tail sort of curled around an M, which is the other Scorpio sign.

He's an excellent artist... But mum talked me out of getting the scorpion because she said it wasn't very feminine. So I thought I'd end up getting a boring butterfly or flower, seeing as mum had to approve of it. So my artist was back to work for me... but I knew whatever he came up with wouldn't be boring. I had found a tattoo on BME a fair while back, called jotat1.jpg or something, of a sort of moon/sun/star thing. I saved it to my computer and it'd been there for months. I decided the other day that I really liked it and that I wouldn't mind having one like it! So on Thursday afternoon on the way home from doing some shopping, mum and I dropped into the tattooists and asked how much it'd cost for him to do it (I had printed it from my computer and it wasn't the best quality). He said, "probably fifty bucks... I can do it for you tonight if you like." I was all of a sudden excited, but mum said flat out NO. But, on the other hand... she made an appointment for me for that following Saturday, May 22. So now I was getting a tattoo not designed by my boyfriend. I told myself that my next one would come from his hand. And I also decided that one day, we'd get some sort of matching Chinese symbols that meant something to us. I better ask him first, though! =) So at 12:30pm (I didn't think I'd get there – mum almost changed her mind at the last minute.) I was sitting in the tattooists waiting for Dave to draw up the tattoo. He said he was going to change it a bit because he thought the sun/flamey looking things were a bit wonky, and too wide where they met the circle. I said it was okay as long as I liked it and it still looked at least a bit like the picture! He said it'd be fine. I decided I wanted it on the inside of my left ankle. I had planned to get it on the outside, but I knew both my parents would be mad, especially dad. Hell, he didn't know anyway, and he still doesn't (uh oh)... so inside it was. Dave sprayed some antiseptic stuff on my ankle, shaved it, even though I'd done it that morning, and put some deodorant stuff on it (I forget why he said they do that).

He put the transfer thing on my ankle and then showed me. I liked it a lot. But that's when he started inking it! It hurt... I mean, it felt like someone was digging for a splinter in my ankle and couldn't find it. It was bearable, though.

The outline was the worst part, just as my boyfriend said it would be. I was looking around, trying not to look at what Dave was doing. Every time I looked at that gun, it seemed to hurt more. So I thought about Cory instead =) Dave said it'd take about 30 minutes. He got out some white ink and I asked him where he was using the white. He told me he was going to use it as snot coming out of the moon's nose.... He said white snot was healthier than green snot. I told him clear snot was even better... Then we just laughed. I looked at the clock just after he started, and it was about 12:50pm. I looked again at 12:55pm, and it felt like it'd been 30 minutes already. The tattoo only took about 15 minutes, which didn't surprise me because Dave is known for his fast work... And has the trophies to prove it.

When it was done, he covered it and told me how to care for it, but I pretty much knew what to do. After all, mum's tattoo was only 2 weeks old (and her other one about 20 years old!). I put my sock and shoe back on, paid Dave, said hello to his daughter, who's about 12 months old (and the cutest baby I've ever seen), and then said bye and left. It felt a little sore afterwards, like it was stinging or burning, but I knew it was to be expected. So far it's doing good...

It's only been about 8 hours. I managed to scan it too... not the most comfortable thing in the world, but at least there's a picture to go with the story now.

-amber [email protected] http://vulpecula.cjb.net


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 June 1999
in Tattoos

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