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My Tattoo Story..

peepz! Guess what?? I got a tattoo!!! To start my story off, I am a 15 year old female from Cleveland, Ohio. I have wanted a tattoo for a very very long time. So I asked my Mom one day a couple years ago. Naturally, she said "NO!!"! But after a couple months or so, I asked her again. And to my surprise, she actually said yes!!! I was so happy!!! She told me that she wanted me, my sister, and herself to go and get the same tattoo. My Mom wanted to get a fairy. See the story is, my Mom has this little Guardian Angel Fairy that follows her around. And she wanted us all to get this angel tattooed on us so we will always have a Guardian Angel with us. (Kinda sweet huh?!) So we all agreed that we would get that. We had Roxy (Jessica) from Mushroomhead draw it for us. But we never got a hold of her again, so we didn't get her design. =( But anyway......

So I kept bugging my Mom to make an appointment. And FINALLY she did! Which took her like..forever. So she made an appointment for us three on a Thursday at about 6:00. It seemed like forever for the day to come!! School went by soooo slow! But I was excited as what! I kept bragging to everyone at school that I was going to get a tattoo. Nobody believed me either! But they were in for a big surprise!!!

Soooo...Thursday finally came!! I got through my day at school and stuff...came home...and waited around until 6:00. (which seemed like forever too) Finally it was time. I was too nervous to eat dinner, so I just left without eating anything!

When we got there, I got really nervous. (By the way, I had it done at this guys house. He had a studio in his basement.) I was very comfortable in his house. He had a very clean house, which was a good thing. And the studio in his basement was EXTREMELY clean. It looked like a regular tattoo shop place thingie. But, my Mom went first, then my sister, then it was my turn.

It was already like 11:00 at night byt he time it was my turn. And I was really hungry and tired. But I had to do it!! So I sat in the chair...which looked like a dentist chair. I lifted up my shirt enough so it wouldn't get in the way. (I got it on my stomach) LOL He ahd to shave my stomach!! So he did that, stuck the transfer thingie on, then had me pick out the colors I wanted.I picked blond hair, a purple and blue dress, and green wings for mine. So I layed down, closed my eyes, and he started. He showed me the needles, and he had me watch him take them out of the case so I knew they were sterile. (he had gloves on and changed them about 10 times) And he put the in the sterileizer thingie for a long time too. So I knew everything was very sterile. (he put EVERYTHING in the sterileizer thingie) I will be totally honest. It did hurt!!! I think part of the pain was becasue it was on my stomach, which is a very sensitive place on a person.

The outlining was the worst part. It really got to me!! I didn'y cry or anything. I just made some funny faces while he was doing the outlining. So finally he got done with that part. (He still had the coloring to do) So I took a little break, relaxed a little, and he started up again. Now the coloring didn't hurt as bad. It was a lot more....painless. I asked him why it didn't hurt as bad, he said it was becasue when he does the outlines he uses 1 needle, and for the coloring he uses 7 little needles. And the 1 needle hurt more than the 7..so... So I was laying there, practically asleep already because it was 12:00 midnight. And he said I was done! And boy was I relieved!!

He did a very good job too! I didn't realize how big it was until I looked at it! It is about 5 inches long or so. It's pretty big! But I love it sooo much! I would definately say the pain was worth it!

Anyone that wants to get a tattoo, I say go for it! It is really a cool experience. Not a whole lot of pain. Just think before you do it. Remember this thing will be on you for your WHOLE life!! And don't ever get a person's name on you!!! Peace!!

Linda "Lou"


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 May 1999
in Tattoos

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