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First Tattoo Experience

this is my slightly messy (it's 2 am) story of my first tattoo. A friend wanted me to drive her up (45 minutes) to my piercer so she could get her tragus done...I decided I'd maybe get that tattoo--a butterfly on my left breast...When we got there, after looking through the artist's pictures and photos, I chose a butterfly I liked and had the colors and one wing changed for uniqueness (however, the drawing was his original), and my friend decided to get a Chinese character on her lower back.

We had to come back in two hours--I had called, but they must have forgotten...The tattoo artist/piercer (there's only one licensed artist, another piercer and an apprentice) is a nice guy, but a little strange. Kind of backwoods/redneck-ish, but very talented.

So, we went back and got ready (two hours later--after eating and stocking up on lifesavers). I had to go first. I sat down, had to take my shirt off...luckily, I had worn a low bra so I didn't have to totally expose myself (not normally shy, but something about that apprentice...). Anyway, everything he did was exactly how it should have been done, very careful and clean (and those cute "home sweet home" paper towels tucked into my shirt so he didn't get ink on it). But, when he had gotten almost all of the outline done, I blacked out and he had to stop. My friend helped me up, and got me to lay down (previously I had been sitting, facing the tattoo artist--which had been slightly awkward). The artist (why do I feel like I'm talking about Prince?) went out into the lobby for a minute to talk to some guy, and when I felt a little better and stood up, I realized that he was an inspector of some sort. Beleive me, I felt SO much better when everything checked out fine! I do trust them, but I am terminally paranoid about everything (just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not really after you).

So, he started working again, and finished the antennae. By this point, I couldn't really feel it anymore. Around the butterfly, there are all these little dots that are the wings fluttering...Those I definetely couldn't feel...I'm glad he did them last though!

So then he got to the coloring...I had chosen a bright blue for the actual butterfly, and deep red for the patterns on the wings. He started with the blue...This hurt much less than the outline had...The red for some reason hurt a little more. My friend then got hers done...She had to lean forward really far and pull her pants down a little in the back. I held her hand through the whole thing...She did better than I did but she was definetely more nervous about it. I'd been planning it for weeks though, and she had just decided on one.

So, before we left he went over the instructions with us. They said to wash it three times a day with a mild, unscented soap like Ivory (that's what I chose--moisturizing : ), apply a thin layer of Bacitracin or that type of ointment and rub it in until it almost disappears. Also the usual stuff, like don't pick it and peel it or anything. He also had covered both of ours with paper towels taped with medical tape...

Oh, also my friend got her tragus pierced...which looked like it hurt like hell...she had her eyebrow done before, but said the tragus hurt worse...The needle looked HUGE! (not to scare anyone or anything : )

So, I've been taking care of it well....Here's the aftercare story:

DAY 1: Bled through the paper towel...took it off about 4 hours after I got the tattoo...A little sore...Washed it tonight--kind of gooey from the ointment or blood---not sure which : )

DAY 2: Washed it this morning, which was New Years Eve Day...Went sledding for about 3 hours and it was fine! Washed the other two times and applied Bacitracin.

DAY 3: It's really sort of this nasty stickiness...It's like there's ointment left over after I wash it, that won't come off. Also the color is flaking off.

DAY 4: The stickiness is gone, now it's more of a scab. Color finally stopped coming off on my towels!

DAY 5: The scab is peeling, but it isn't itchy like everyone I know with a tattoo has said it would be! Hmm...Luckier than I was with my piercings, I guess!

DAY 6: Almost totally healed...The skin looks really taut after I wash it, but I'm still applying ointment. Showed some people for the first time, including my boyfriend (who was a bit surprised).

DAY 7: A few little scabby areas left, mainly near the red...that's odd...But feels fine, like normal skin again (YAY!)...

I really like my new tattoo...I would recommend the experience to anyone! I want another one, but I think I will wait awhile. I want one on my shoulderblade, especially. Also, I want the character for "charisma".


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Jan. 1999
in Tattoos

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