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my tattoos

s is to tell everyone out there about my pride and joys, my hard earned money well spent, my permanent body fixtures, my 4 tattoos. Well the first tattoo i got was a felix the cat on my chest, it was done by Glenn Scott in Dayton, Ohio, or actually one of the kids that does his work for him, because Glenn is always to drunk to do tattoos anymore, well anyway, this kid f*cked up my tattoo, because about 2 weeks later when it was heeled there was very little ink left on it, and what was there looked bad. So I went back for a touchup and the same guy messed it up again, although he managed to get the ink to stay this time(don't think he thinned it out as much) well it still looked crappy, so instead of going back a 3rd time to get it fixed i decided to look for a new artist, so i looked around the web, and found the name of a woman who is listed in the "Who's Who of Tattoo artists" and found the name Lady Madonna, and looked up her store address and turned out she was only like a mile away from my house so i went to her to fix Felix for me and she looked at and first thing she said was "Glenn screw job ehh?" and so she fixed it for me for free. So naturally i decided to go back to her for my second tattoo, btw all my tattoos have meanings to me personally, either my personality or something that has happened in my life, will explain later. Well my second tattoo was a lion head which i found in the magazine "Tattoo" and i asked her if she would put that on my arm, but make it a rip out and she said she could do that, as well as improve on the original design(the original kinda sucked) so she put it on my arm with like 12 different colors in it, and she went fast to which surprised me, because the guy who did my first one took like an hour for one color, Black, but Lady Madonna took like a half hour and the tattoo looked 500% better than the first one did when it was done, the best work i had seen until i got my fourth, but that is later. Ok, so when that healed up, btw, baby oil is the best thing to put on tattoos during healing, sorry got off the subject, ok so when my second one healed i decided on a third, one that was sybolic of my inner self, i chose the Japenese symbol for the word "beast" and put it on my right arm. Ok now we come to the fourth one which is by far my pride and joy. This design i picked from the flash on her walls, it is a sun that is laughing at everyone, i had her put it on the back of my neck, let me tell you the other tattoos did not hurt they were burning sensations, this one though, hurt like hell, but it was cool, she originally quoted me $70 dollars for it, but i managed to talk her to 50, and she even added colors to it, because the sun was originally just in yellow and red, she added white, blue, and green to it. It is a cool Tattoo.

Ok now onto the meanings of my tattoos, starting with the Felix the Cat, Felix the Cat represents my sense of humour, because i have an odd sense of humour, and not many people found Felix the Cat funny, at least not now. Second is the Lion head ripout, This sybolizes me breaking out of my inner shell and showing my true colors, the beast inside. The third one is the Japenese symbol for "beast" it pretty much backs up the lion head. Ok now the fourth one, the sun, represents how i can be a cold, heartless SOB, whenever i am treated like dirt, that is why i put in on the back of my neck so when i walk away from you after I just beat your @$$ you will see me laughing at you.

Also to tell any of you out there who may be thinking about getting a tattoo, it does not hurt where you have fat, but where there is muscle like your arms or neck it does tend to hurt at first, but then you go numb, like the skin around the area being tattooed goes really numb, like I slept through one of mine. Well if you have any questions, comments, snide remarks, or just want to talk to me about tattoos or peircings(am thinking about going that route next, I really want a tongue peircing, and maybe a PA) email me at [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Jan. 1999
in Tattoos

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