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Tattoo Experience @ Skew Skin

on't know why I was so nervous about getting my first tattoos. After having 8ga needles shoved through both nipples (Twice on the right one), most people figure there's not a lot of pain left for me to fear.

I think what I feared most was not knowing what to expect. All my piercings were short, sharp experiences, and I guess I didn't have much confidence that I'd be able to take something more drawn out.

First off, the tattoos almost didn't happen. I spent all day friday wandering downtown Chicago trying to find a place that'd cash my two out of state paychecks (I'd just moved a week prior). Having no luck, I headed for my rendevous with my ride up to Detroit/Windsor, ON for the weekend for the gathering of IRC #bodyart freaks known as grubfest '98 (Yay grubfest!) After a roadtrip of epic proportions (another story, for sure), we stumbled into our lodgings in Detroit to await the next days festivities.

When we arrived at Skew Skin in Windsor the next day, a few people were already getting art done, and I, on a whim, decided to ask about pricing for the tattoos I wanted, even though I didn't have the cash. Syx was very cool about pulling my design off my webpage and resizing it and printing it, and the price I was quoted by Corrie almost shocked me, until I remembered it was Canadian (duh).

So I told them my check-cashing woes, and Ryan (it was a team effort for sure =) told me it would be no problem to sign the smaller of my checks (which was for just about the right amount) over to the shop.

So I was all set, except for the art itself.

Corrie has the patience of a rock. We must have futzed with the placement of the transfers for over a half hour. I ended up placing the design well back from where I'd originally wanted it, and rotating it 90 degrees, aided by helpful suggestions from Corrie and Ryan.

Placement worked out, I confided to Corrie my nervousness about a new kind of pain. She said she'd just give me a little touch with the gun so I could see what it felt like, but would have a death grip on my arm for extra insurance.

I'm so glad someone was standing nearby with a camera to catch my 'That's IT???' expression.

I have to admit that after a while it got to be a bit intense, and my jaw started to ache from clenching my teeth, trying to keep my fillings from rattling. But both tattoos took only about an hour and 15 minutes, and I think it took twice that long for the stupid smile to wear off my face.

The added benefit of freaking out all the local Windsorites as I wandered the streets with a big-ass bandage wrapped around each wrist was also too cool to not mention. =)

About the tats: Yeah yeah...My tattoos actually -mean- something (bleah). Last year I ahd a really nasty relationship experience that landed me in the hospital for a weekend, and while I was there, I decided to design my own symbol for 'balance', which I felt was missing from my life. I was kinda burnt out on the typical yin-yang and scales imagery, so I sat down with a ruler and a circle template and went to town. What I came up with exceeded my usual artistic abilities, and had a sort of pseudo-tribal, almost crop-circle look to it.

Since I wanted the placement to be balanced on my body, I decided to get one on the inside of each wrist, so they're both forming an almost half-bracelet.

A lot of people have commented on how rare it is to see mirror image tattoos like mine, especially in such a visible place...But I dunno! I just like em!

So, thanks for reading. I guess I just needed to get it out of my head, and give Skew some good publicity. Corrie was totally cool, and I got a chance to talk to the piercers (Hi ga[r]y, syx and Ryan!) there enough that I'd feel comfortable going back to get any piece of work done if I was in the area...Maybe even making a special trip there!



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on: 01 July 1998
in Tattoos

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