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Self-Tattoo Story

e is my tattoo story.

I always admired tatts in wonens body. When i was 16 I wanted badly a tat on me. I was sure that a tats in spesific points of a female body can make it more sexy and atractive.

I started learning about tattoos, collecting designs and so on. I' ve visited the only tattoo shop in my town and asked for prices and I saw a lot of desins. Finaly i desided to do my tattoo alone in home. I had no money for a gun and the only way was hand pokking. I made a desingn of a swallow on rice papper, i copied it on my skin using carbon papper and i was ready to poke it. I used china ink and a string round the pin. I started poking the swallow on my bigini line. Of cource i,ve shaved and cleaned the area with alcohol. The spot was a little bit difficult and also painfull after an hour i finished it. Unfortunatly the pokes had not the same distance on the line. The tat healed and it was quite good looking. I desided to fix some lines couple of months later because there were not all the spots of the design the same. I used a rasor to make small line cuttings between some dots using also the same ink. Finally the tat looked better. I was very happy having a tat on my body in a secret and sexy spot.

Of cource from that time 11 years ago i had done on me and others a lot of home made tattoos and practiced a lot on my boyfriend's skin making my tattoo method more easy and painless. I had another tattoo on my breast with the name of an ex boyfriend (no covered with a pro dragon) using the same method of hand pokking, as you understand i improoved my ability making simple tatts. There are not very complex nor colored but i like them because are made from me.

Having some other tatts in a studio the old ones look poor and i am thinking to cover up with pro ones but not the first one that got me in tattoos. Anyway is a privet one been visible only when i am competely naked. I think that this first tattoo made my sex life more interesting no one knew about it, noone knew i was a tattooed girl only people i had sex with and that was my big secret covered well.

I remember the first time i had a bath naked in the beach i was embarased and i thought every one looked my secret tattoo. The tattoo was for me something like a loss of viginity.

My secret was as i told you well covered but i wanted also to show it to some friends. When my best friend saw it she wanted to have one in the same area. She beged me to tattoo her, she wanted to have the name of her boyfriend done, i told her she would change mind later and nothing could be done. She did everything to convince me and i told her that she could have something else. Finally we did it, the tatt was saying" Property of ......". She wanted to please her boyfriend and i was afraid having trouble later. Her boyfriend liked it very much but made him behave her like she was a slave of him. She liked it but some years later things changed and thy broke up. As you understand i had the blame of her because she was afraid that if some one else looked it will go away. Tatts live for ever love no, that's is what they make them special. She visited a doctor to have a removal but finally prefered to covered it with a butterfly done in a studio because the removal was difficult in that area.

Generally i think that tatts are like a piece of jewellery done pemanently on your body, in reality ther is no way back even with all the methods of removals that cost a lot, are painfull and always there is some scar at the end. People that get tattooed have to live with tattoos the best way to get rid of a tatt is to make anotherone to cover the old.



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Nov. 1998
in Tattoos

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