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Stepping out from the crowd

almost fifty years of age most of my friends thought I was now going insane when I started talking yet again about an armband tattoo. My wife threatened divorce as usual and my fourteen year old son was incredulous.

As has happened on times too numerous to remember over the last thirty odd years the desire would have faded except for the great resources of the internet and in particular your site and associated links.

I heeded all the advice offered checked out several shops spoke to many tattoo artists, talked to people to find the right artist and finally selected Jeff from Downunder Tattoo here in Newcastle.

The design was modified and modified yet again until we were both happy. Jeff was concerned about the design with all the straight lines and how it would look. I assured him that I knew that the design would look correct in only one arm position and that the band would move and contort with muscle movement ... that is what I wanted ... not a painted pussy cat ... he wanted to be certain that I was sure ... he also said several places would not be fun.

One friday afternoon I left work early and the work commenced. Jeff had estimated that it would take about four hours to complete the black, but after almost four hours one third of the black still remained undone.

On arrival home my wife was stunned, my son astounded, and friends and acquaintances in the two months since have expressed almost all emotions form shock thru horror to amazement and disbelief and envy (if i did that the missus would divorce me).

I am a "Singlet, Stubbies and Joggers" person so everywhere I go the armband is seen , and it took me a while to get used to the stares at the shopping centres - the sales staff stare, the kids point and I love it.

My armband has deep symbolic meaning for me, I love the boldness and the dramatic appearance, it has separated me from the decaying peers and has given me new drive and love for life ... It makes me step out from the crowd.

My fourteen year old son now actually spends time with me and we have quite long conversations on a variety of topics.

When the weather cools a matching band for the left arm (provided Jeff doesn't leave town as threatened when I return and maybe even some jewellery.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Feb. 1998
in Tattoos

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