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My first Tattoo

I thought I would send you a note about my first Tattoo experience, it was not a good one and I feel that this note would be good for any first timers out there to read before they rush out to any Tattoo studio and get a Tattoo put on.

It was On Dec 31 97 I decided I was going to go for the gusto and get a Tattoo for the first time.

I had a Cross Pendent that I wanted to put on my arm, I know it's boring, but it had meaning to me, so I go to a Tattoo studio and ask if they can put this cross on my arm, the so called artist say's no problem he goes out back does his thing, after 10 minutes calls me in to the parlor of his studio, and put's a sticky of the cross on my arm, I ask how it look's he say's !! it's just a cross what do you want?

So he took all of 15 minutes to put the cross on charges me 95 dollars and tell's me to put A and D on it and sends me on my way, that was it.

I go home proud of my new Tattoo and excitedly take my shirt off to show my wife, the so called artist taped a paper towel on my arm when he was done, well when I took my sweatshirt off the sleeve of my tshirt was soaked with blood, the paper towel was totally drenched in blood. I was shocked, My wife asked that's the result of a Tattoo? I go to the bathroom clean my arm look at the Tattoo I couldnt belive my eyes.

My arm was sore all night next morning I get a good look at the tattoo and what a mess, To quote a friend after he looked at it !! What did you do have a drunk with needle and thread put that on?

I was so depressed, I went to another studio and showed the Artist there my arm and the first thing he did was run out back and get cream for my arm, and said man you must've hurt, I said yea, he tell's me I was cut too deep and looks at the cross and say's it needs work, but he refused to touch it until it healed.

Well I've since gotten it reworked by the second studio and I'am very happy with my cross and he did such a good job I had him put another Tattoo on my other arm. What did I learn from this experience well before someone put's a tattoo on, check out the store checkout his work a good artist will have his work posted or will be happy to show his work, a good tattoo does not get rushed, and a good artist will do his best even if he's putting something on that is not one of his favorites, for example if his specialties is animals and I ask him to put on a cross he will still give it his best.

Well that's my story I hope no one else makes the mistake I made. Oh I sent off a letter to the so called artist explaining how disappointed and pretty much told him the whole story, I enclosed my address and Phone number.

to date I have not heard from him. Would I have gone in there and had him rework the Tattoo in the beginning?

Well.... would you???


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Feb. 1998
in Tattoos

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