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Tattoo ink and moonbeams.

I'm addicted to tattoos and moons...

Being the youngest of three, and being subject to the peer pressure, I had to get a tattoo. My older brother who was in the Navy at the time had a few, and my older sister had one, I couldn't be left out, so they twisted my arm and made me get one! Ok...so I'm exagerating a bit. The fact was I went with my sister to get hers, and while she was getting it, I fell in love with this tattoo of an eye with foliage surrounding it. And one day I said, Hey! Come with me down state, I'm going to get a tattoo. So we went to this little place in Bay City Michigan, and I was hell bent on getting the eye, and of course, poor little me couldn't afford it. I was short by $10, so I said to hell with it, I'm going to get something else. And then I saw it, this little moon, the size of an American quarter with a star. The typical man in the moon, and I decided I wanted it to be a blue moon....it was crescent, and it was just perfect. In less the ten minutes..or something like that, I was too busy biting my lip from the pain, and clutching the arm rests of the chair I was sitting in, to really pay attention to the time; I had this little tattoo on my left ankle. As I walked out of the tattoo parlor, I told my sister, "I'm never going to do this again!"

It took me two months to tell my Mother about it, I live with her and I prefer not to wear socks, you'd have thought she might have caught on, but she didn't. My brother had called early that morning, and it was the first time I was able to talk with him since I had gotten it, and he wasn't happy about it..the typical.."Do as I say, and not as I do" speach, and I was telling my Mom that he had gotten a new one, and she was raving.."I don't know why my kids what to scar up their body's like that, and not one of them says MOM!" Well, we were cooking dinner at that moment, and I had the knife, so I knew I was safe, and I just said..."The next one I get will, I promise." That was the only time I stumped my Mom..

I was then working in a factory, and a co-worker of mine was telling me that her husband does tattoos, as a hobby. Well, I checked it out, babysat for these people a few times, and asked several questions... I could trust them..besides he gave me a kick ass deal, I couldn't refuse..another instance of having my arm twisted, don't you know. Eight months to the day of getting my first one, I decided to get another one, and this one I designed... It was a full moon, done in grey and black and white, it's the size of a dixie cup mouth, and it has an eye in it.. Yes..I like eyes! Well, the iris is a yin-yang, and there's an M on either side of it, to spell Mom. This is on my right ankle.

Four months later, I was back at Craig's house, getting another tattoo on my left shoulder, can you guess what it was? Yeppers! I got another moon.. This is my favorite, it's so pretty, I saw it in a tattoo magazine and I told him, you're going to give me this someday. And he did. It's another crescent moon, but it's done in blues and purples, yellows and orange. It has the prettiest face in it, and there's a funky assed star by it, with some clouds. Craig did a hell of a job on it. And even though it hurt like hell, I knew I'd be getting another one eventually.

I did... But it took me more then a year to get it. I went down to Bay City again..I think the guy's name is Dave, nice guy, funny.. He did my very first one, and he remembered me.. He put another blue crescent moon above and to the left of my first one, on my left ankle. It's a bit bigger, and it's just a plain moon with vines wrapped around it.. It's so damned nifty!

Now just last fall, I had gone back to Craig's house, and he did my last one, it's at the base of my neck, and it's the size of a softball. It's done in all black, and it's a sun and moon merging.. It's exquisite.

I love my tattoos, I've never regretted getting any of them, and I'm looking forward to getting more...I have some more moon ideas that I want to have done.. If you're getting a tattoo, make sure it's you, and that you will want it in 30 years. And beware, they are addicting! But oh so worth it!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 May 1999
in Tattoos

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