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My first Tattoo.

Dear BME,

My name is Walter Terrell, and I have been checking out your web page every now and then to get ideas of what kind of tattoos and piercing I want in the future. Well the weekend before v-tines day '99 I finally went through with it. I went to my friend's house in Brockport, NY and decided to get my tongue pierced. Well a few days before I went up, I had an allergic reaction to some tomatoes and my tongue swelled up and blistered. Well I went around with my friend and checked out a few places. I went in and talked to someone at the desk about getting pierced but I changed my mind last minute and got a tattoo.

I've always wanted a tattoo ever since I was 15. I always checked out the tattoo mags,. Biker mags. And what ever other mag there was that had tattoos in it. Well my name is Walter, and most of my friends called me "big W". This "W" became who I was. All through high school, I always shaved a large W in the back of my head. This got me very well known around school. As I went through high school, I decided not to get the W till wrestling seasons. For three years, only during wrestling season, I had a W in the back of my head. Whenever I got it, everyone knew it was wrestling season. After I graduated high school, I went to college and the W's stopped, and I felt naked with out them. I always had an idea of a tattoo design that I wanted on me but could never get it on paper so I could finally get it in ink.

I had a line in front of me before I could even get an idea drawn up, but it was well worth the wait. I got to "Bare Apple Tattoo and Piercing" in Brockport, NY about 6pm. I hung around and talked to the owner, Apple, and I told him what I wanted and he broke out a piece of paper and a pencle and started drawing what he could from what I was telling him. But he couldn't come up with something that he liked and I liked. This all took about 2 hours. Well I still had to wait because there was another guy in front of me. So my friend and I went to the store and got something to drink and some munchies. We went back and waited and watched Chris, the tattooer, tattoo the guy ahead of me. The whole thing looked very painful and I began getting cold feet. I wanted this tattoo and I was going to go through with it, no matter what. Finally, about 10:30pm, the guy ahead of me was finally done with his outline and was paying Chris. Now it was my turn. Chris went out to have a smoke before he started on me. After his smoke, Chris came back in and was ready for me. Chris, Apple, and myself talked about what I wanted. Chris had me go through some scrip books to get an idea of what style lettering I wanted. We finally found that perfect one, in the last book that Chris pulled out. So Chris went to work drawing my W. Finally, after about a half-hour Chris as done and I loved the design. Finally it was time to roll up my sleeve and get to work. Chris shaved the hair off my side arm and rubbed my arm with some deodorant, rubbed it on my arm and laid the static cling design on my arm. He sat me in the chair and asked me the colors I wanted. For the coloring portion of the tattoo, which is hard to see in the picture, I wanted a green vein with some brown spots indicating the slow death of the vein. In the rose portion of the tattoo, I wanted a deep red, almost black rose, also indicating a wilting rose, just before death. So finally Chris went to work. I dropped my arm down to my side and tried not to move. I have to say, I have never had so much pain in my life, but at the same time, I enjoyed it like nothing ever. The feeling was almost like a burning sensation, at times worse depends on where on my arm he hit. The next day, it just felt like I had a really bad sun burn nothing to painful.

The whole tattooing processes took about an hour and a half. That was the most euphoric feeling I have ever had and I know I will definitely do it again in a second. II have 3 ideas that I want done in the future once I can afford it. The first is going to be my dog's portrait on my left arm. Second this really cool naked gothic woman I found on the Internet, on my leg. The third and final one for right now, I would like to have a back piece done. I would like to get Dali's famous portrait "Persistence of Memory"(melting clocks). Once I get out of school and pay off some of my school loans, I will begin to save up for those tattoos. I hope my experience helps persuade someone who is on the line debating weather or not to get a tattoo. If I had to do it all over again, I would do it in a second!

Sincerely yours, Walter Terrell


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 May 1999
in Tattoos

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