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Tattoo, septum

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon, out of sheer boredom I went to get my septum pierced. l've had a tattoo in mind also. But wasn't planning on getting it anytime soon. So I drive on down to Body Art in Mesa, AZ. They are the nicest guys in the world there! It was a very comfortable environment and I would recommend it to anyone!

As I arrive I waited for about 10 minutes. I started looking at flash art. My former idea for a tattoo left me when I saw a pair of angel wings. They looked fairly big, but I couldnt tell what size it would be if it were to be on my shoulders.They were big, blue and feathery. The minute I saw it l immediately fell in love! So the decision of getting it was straining through my mind. Then I said why not? lm here anyway and dont have anything better to do! I walked up to the front desk and asked if they had time for me today... and they did. How convenient!

Marty was ready. He had stretched my ears before. I picked out my jewelry which was a 16 gauge circular barbell and retainer. He sat me in his cute little dentist chair and cleaned and prepared his equipment. He cleaned my nose, very thoroughly might I add. ( I was kinda self conscious about that part...afraid of lots of nasty stuff up there.) He asked if I wanted it more upwards or downwards more. I chose the higher one. I was pretty nervous. I love pain but when I ask people about the pain factor about their septum: some say its like no pain on earth, others say they didn't even feel it at all. So there are 2 very different spectrums.

Well, the time had come. I was more excited than anything else. He told me to breathe deeply. Then with great force, pushed the needle through.

Tears started welling up in my eyes. Im not going to front, it hurt like fuck! I have a high tolerance too and it felt like someone punching you in the nose upwards! but of course I had to act tough and nonchalant about it. It hurt the most when he was trying to get the jewelry in. l looked in the mirror and it was great I loved my new piercing! Now my appointment for my tattoo wasn't for an hour and I had a lot of pent up energy and adrenaline flowing like a faulty toilet. So I decided to get something to eat. I walked down the street with my new piercing and got a lot of remarks...such as the ever classic "Did it hurt?" or "Why did you do that?" Then it was time for my second tattoo. My other one is a swirly design on my chest that I drew about a year back. I was considering about backing out because I have already had enough pain for one day. But gathered myself up and went back in.

This guy Sage was going to do my tat. Marty was pretty booked up, but Sage is awesome! He traced the wings on my back. I loved it! I was hoping it would look even better permanent! I was so ready to go! The wings were bigger than l thought they were. They reached from the top of my shoulders to mid back. (keep in mind im only 5 foot) so it did look a little big but I didn't want to complain. I laid face down on the table and was prepped to "get my wings" haha. The sweet sound of buzzing began. Then the tingling pain ran up and down my spine. I hadn't realized that I was holding on so hard that my knuckles were white. And I thought I was all relaxed. It took about 5 hours.

There wasn't much fill at all, thank god. By this time I had forgotten about my septum until I bumped it on the headrest. and then got happy again. Finally it seemed like forever. My tat was finished. I wanted it all done in one day. My "sunny Sunday" two birds with one stone! Driving home was a task. Trying hard not to lean on my back on the seat. It twinged when I walked. I despise sleeping on my stomach but had no choice that night. It was a bad mix. I couldn't roll over but then my face was in the pillow it hurt my septum....hmm catch 22? oh well it was worth it. For now I am all healed! and missing the sweet pains and adrenaline rushes...maybe time for the next?

The next day when I woke up all cramped from trying to sleep

painlessly, my septum was crusty and stuck! It was all crooked and it killed to move it back. But I just kept cleaning it and though I wasn't supposed to, l put neosporin all over it. It made it feel much better. My back was bandaged up for a while. Then it peeled and now looks great! My mother saw me about two weeks later...She was all worried about what her friends would think (how cliche!) And asked why I keep ruining my body? haha. I even put my septum retainer in so she wouldnt see it. If only she knew about my other piercings. But moms are moms right?


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 May 1999
in Tattoos

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