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the luck of the Irish prevails....my first tattoo story

everyone. I've been reading BME religiously for quite a few months now. It is definitely my favorite site on the web! I've wanted my tongue pierced for as long as I can recall. Well I turned 18 last October but my parents were heavily against me getting a hole in my tongue so I simply got 4 more piercings in my ears to make 11. Since then I have watched practically a fourth of my senior class get theirs pierced and my brother. However when I told my mother I would just go and do it one day she threatened with throwing me out of my house and not paying for college. So.... I decided to get a tattoo. =-) My friend and I talked about it and even the mere thought of going through the process made me shiver. However I felt that this was something that I could hide from my parents and something that deep down if I did it I would prove something to myself in the process. Knowing that my friend didn't have the money at the time (nor did I for that matter) I rolled $34 worth of change from my room and told my two other friends (who want tattoos but are not 18 and wanted to come along to watch me) and decided to go after school the next day. I knew that if I would wait I would never go through with it. So all during school I never believed that I would actually go through with it. I talked to two girls who recently got tattoos and read BME during all my free periods. After school me and two of my friends went down the street to where my brother got his tongue pierced (so I knew it was a clean place). As I stood outside the place smoking a cigarette to relax me a bit, the guys who worked there were also outside- commenting on our uniforms and talking about how us Catholic school girls can handle anything. Then we went inside but of course, as always is the case with me, I was carded because I don't look 18. Once inside we waited about 10 minutes then I went into the room with Todd. I originally wanted a shamrock with a crown around it, but decided against the crown for fear that too big of a tattoo would hurt. Todd asked me if I really wanted to do this, I took a deep breath, screamed, and said yes. Then he started with a little line..... and some more..... he finished the outline.... He asked how I was doing. "That's it?!?" I couldn't believe it. Here I was thinking about how excruciating this pain would be and it was hardly anything, especially considering I am the biggest wimp in the world. I have to agree with what I was told. It feels like a warm scratching and gets more annoying then painful. In only 10 minutes I was done! So now I have a beautiful little green shamrock on my shoulder which is actually quite easy to hide from certain people. After about 2 hours I took my bandage off and applied my A & D. The only pain- if you can even call it that- is that my shoulder felt like it was slightly sunburn and it was just cumbersome pulling my shirt down every 5 minutes so someone new can see it. A lot of my friends don't know how quiet and reserved I once was so they aren't surprised by my tattoo. However I am extremely proud of myself for going through with it. Now on my 5th day it is quite dry,but I regularly apply lotion and it is very itchy but I do well restraining myself from scratching it. But I love it and if I could think of anything else which is meaningful to me I want to get another one. But now I have a symbol of my heritage that will be with me always. Regretfully the high I got immediately after getting it done made me totally forget about tipping my tattooist, but I did however leave my favorite purple shaded sunglasses there! So if you want a nice place in Pittsburgh go to Iron City Ink in Oakland. And if you want to get a tattoo, remember that this is something you will have for the rest of your life, but live is short so just do it. Hopefully one day soon I can submit my tongue piercing story, because my first day at college I plan on piercing my tongue, eyebrow, and possibly my nose too. Anyone know any good places up at Penn State- University Park, PA?? Thanks BME for all the great info!! ~ Katie

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 May 1999
in Tattoos

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