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"A Lifetime Of Fascination" (Cont'd)

s been almost a year since my last update and I must say I have not been idle. I've made some additions on a couple of fronts.

The shaft bead count is now up to 14! Using the same 1/4" titanium beads, we did eight at once last January ('97). These were done with the "scalpel" method, where a single incision was made and a pocket created with another tool. Then the beads were slipped into the incision and moved right on down the pocket. I've ended up with a row of 4 on each side of the urethra on the underside of the shaft. One row stays pretty straight, the other is a little more of a zigzag pattern. Unfortunately, I don't have a current photo of these but hope to soon.

The other new addition is the beginning of my biggest tattoo project yet. As I mentioned, I had an idea in mind for my upper arm/shoulder area. Well, it grew! We started on this last January. It's a dragon that starts on my left pectoral/sternum area, goes over my shoulder and will go across the top of my back and down. In the middle of the back will be a tiger fighting with it. Incorporated into the design will be tribal elements found in my ankle piece (in Vyvyn's Lazonga's unique and distinguishable style). It also goes on my left deltoid and inside of biceps some as well. It has some personal components, a tribal representation of my mother's name (who passed away this last year), and my home state.

We have completed the front side, shoulder and arm portion of the design, and have outlined the back as of the middle of Sept. ('97). Attached is a picture of the design taken just before the back was outlined.

That's all the news for now. I'll send along more pictorial updates of the back as it progresses, and will try to get a current picture of the beading project.

As always, love to hear from fellow bod mod devotees.

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submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 Sept. 1997
in Tattoos

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