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Maeghan's England tattoo (number 8!)

lo...some of you may read my infrequent posts on the Whatever and piercing boards...I've never posted an actual experience, but here goes:

I grew up in Reading, UK. When I was 17 I got my nipples pierced by a sort of hack piercer. I moved to America when I turned 18, to go to college in New York. Two years later, one nipple pierce was ripped out...unfortuanetely, but actually kind of nifty, that nipple is always hard now. Anyway, since then I've gotten a vert. clit hood, tongue (just got it repierced in England after 3 years of it not pierced), navel, several ear, double eyebrow and one nipple. I also have 7 tattoos, plus my new one.

So this is the story of my new one. I was in England for a month visiting family and friends. I had just turned 29, and I'm getting close to my 30-crisis, so I decided "why not celebrate and get another tattoo?" I couldn't decide what to get, so I pondered for a few days, and then decided I wanted to get something commemorative. Oh, did I mention that my long-term (7 years) boyfriend was in England with me and proposed while we were staying in Liverpool? So, I finally chose something symbolic, rather than getting his name. I had my very artistic sister, who has designed 3 of my prior tattoos, draw this one. The tattoo was to be of a green butterfly (his name is Douglas Green) attached to a silvery white butterfly (if they could find the color). Now, I know this is a stretch, but the "icy" color was supposed to represent my last name (Eisele-pronounced "Ice-lee") Anyway, it's my tattoo, so it can be symbolic however I want : )

I decided to go to London, about two blocks left from London Piercing Clinic. I feel awful, but if anyone reading this knows the name, please email me, I would love to give them credit. The artist was a man named Simon. That's all I remember. I was too elated over my engagement! So, I brought my sister's drawing, my sister, and Douglas with me to get my tattoo. I'm not going to go over process, because I'm used to it. So, the location of this tattoo is on the small of my back, very low. I had one already a little to the left, just a small star.

They didn't have the silvery color I had hoped for (glad I had my sister with me) so I opted for a purple that I just liked a lot. It didn't need to be that symbolic. I knew what it meant!

It hurt, of course...I expect that. This being the first tattoo I've gotten in the UK, I wasn't really prepared for the strange methods they use (yeah, us Brits are crazy!) His gun was shaped strange, and he didn't use a foot pedal like they do in the states. I'm not really sure about that. So, after he did it, he of course showed me (I feel odd going over all the obvious details since everyone does) then placed the bandage and Bacitracin and gave me his care sheet (although I'm following MY methods...Ivory unscented, Bacitracin and lotion after 14 days.

I also got my tongue repierced while I was there. I was already ready for that though, since I had had my tongue pierced for 3 years before I took it out for another 3.

2 1/2 weeks later...

Tattoo almost entirely healed. Having a little trouble with the black outline on the purple butterfly, but just because it won't scab. It's gooey.... It's beautiful though, and Douglas loves it. He also loves my tongue pierce, but that's another story! Anyway, I'm back in New York...wonderful here.

3 weeks later....

It's pretty much healed...I'm going to get a picture out there as soon as I can. The only problem is a little spot on the purple butterfly, near to my older star tattoo...It hasn't really healed (the spot). Not too sure about that.

4 weeks...

100% healed...And I just got a new piercing, so in order to make this long enough, I'll add that on as a bonus track : ) It's on my left helix. Really close to my tragus piercing, actually so close that I can touch the two rings together and probably hook them if it weren't so damn sore! It's really sore and almost swollen...Somewhat icky right now, but I'm sure that'll calm itself right down.

Allright...thanks for reading! I'll be sure to post soon when I get another tattoo...Douglas and I are getting bands around our upper left arms for our wedding...which is going to be in England in August...Anyone near Reading, let me know and you're welcome to come!

---Maeghan Eisele ([email protected])


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on: 15 April 1999
in Tattoos

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