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My fantastic tatt experience

ad got to know my tattooist well, having had a couple of pieces in the last six months, and I'd been in the salon with friends who I'd recommended to go there, so we had a good rapport, and I knew I could trust him. He makes me laugh, which is a good thing, and we get on well. So the time had come to go for my dream Tatt, I made the appointment, and spent a long week waiting, finally the big day was here, I was really excited, We sat out in the garden and had a cigarette before we started work. He spent a good half and hour trying to talk me out of it, he even bought his partner to try and get me to change location, two fully grown men saying "it's going to hurt Rach, we won't think you're a wimp if you have it somewhere else" Did I change my mind? Did I heck! So they relented, the partner offered his arm for me to bite on, but you know I declined that generous offer.

The design I'd chosen was a very colourful abstract pattern of stars, swirls, and spots. (It's better than it sounds!) in very bright citrus colours, lime, tangerine, lemon, mixed with deep purple, and vivid pinks. I have extremely pale skin so the colour does work well on me. It was to me placed in what my tattooist friend described as my "cleavage crack", yep, right between my breasts. So we began work, sitting on the chair with tatt-man in front, I unbuttoned my blouse, and sat there, in my underwear, with my chest poking out at him. He looked, he nearly went to touch but backed off, he looked at the design, looked at me then, well I thought it was an impossibility, but I have a sensitive tattooist, he BLUSHED! (Which he strongly denies to this day!) He yelled to his partner for help, " how the F***K am I getting in there with out getting my face slapped? How are we going to get these thing out of the way?"

I ended up lying on the piercing bench, being tall, my arse was hanging off the end, so my feet were on the wall for support, he sat at my waist just to my left, with his left leg over my waist, and his right leg over my shoulder, gravity did its thing a bit with my breasts to a certain extent, but not enough, time for the micro-pore to come out, yes we taped them out of the way, His partner insisted on taping over my nipples, for decencies sake. (the partner's next appointment didn't turn up so he stayed to watch/heckle/laugh) So we could begin.

Now I have had tatts before, and they honestly didn't hurt, but I'd be telling lies if I said this wasn't uncomfortable. Our friendly heckler was laughing at the faces I was pulling at the beginning.

Because of the position we were in, (I not sure if this was strictly necessary, but neither of us were complaining! - he's cute ok?!) we had to keep stopping and getting up for a wiggle, and stretch.

It became apparent that the waiting area had filled up with a group of young lads, you can hear well from area to area, although you can not see. So being a bloke, and wanting to over dose the imagination of these young lads, after each break, at the top of his voice, he was saying "get on your back girl, let me get my leg over." To which I was replying in my very best 'Penelope Pittstop' voice "ooh ooh your hurting me" all this was to stunned silence and lots of whispers and giggles from the waiting area. The partner joined in once or twice with "I'll hold her down for you" and "where are the handcuffs?" then we had to stop because we were laughing so much! And so it went on. Much frivolity had by all.

It was odd and one of the weirdest things, but is he was working, the vibrations being right on my breast bone, seemed to rattle around my ribs, down my spine and right around my pelvis. (I don't need to be any more graphic here do I?) It was a fun, at time painful, and at times erotic experience.

It was a fairly small design, that on an arm or back would probably be a 20 minute job, there was a lot of mucking about, and it was a difficult placement, the whole thing took about one hour fifteen minutes. The guys were perfect gents, and whilst I was lying there I was fed with cold cola by way of a bendy straw and a helpful partner, and was thoroughly looked after. It was a most pleasurable way to spend an afternoon. When it came to paying, he said he felt guilty taking my money, as he'd enjoyed himself so much as well, so we agreed to pay half the usual cost. What a guy!

I'm very happy with the result, it's superb, and looks fantastic. Its been greatly admired, although I have spent a lot of money on low cut tops since! And the summer's coming so I intend to show it off well.

All in all it was odd, painful, erotic, fun, and unusual, a perfect afternoon, and a perfect tatt!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 April 1999
in Tattoos

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