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Are you CRAZY? My Tat Experience...

first tattoo experience I ever had was when my best friend (at the time) at the age of 15 (or 14, it's been a while) called me up and said "Heather, get out the yellow pages and tell me the closest tattoo parlour" I was freaking out and said what are you doing? The next day she came over and showed me her new addition, a very lovely rose on her ankle. I then asked my parents, can I have one? HELL NO was the answer. So for 5 years, I've wanted a tattoo.

Then one day, it just hit me, okay, Im 20 years old now, certainly old enough to get a tattoo. I suppose that the incintive was even more prominant because my fiance had one of some Marine Corps stuff on his arm. Well about 2 months before our wedding day, I did it. After all my research on the internet and I had a friend at work that had a tiny tiny flower on the inside of her ankle. Now my philosophy is, if Im going to pay this much money for a permanent flick of my personality branded onto my body, I want people to see it from a distance and it be where I could see it if I choose to. I decided on my ankle.

Out comes the infamous yellow pages... and I see about 6 entrys for tattoo places. Since I go to school "downtown" I wanted to go after classes and have it done, so proximity was a must. I see: Ink Well and Body Piercings by No Holes Barred. (No, I dont have permission to use their name, but Im sure they appreciate the advertising...). After getting of of work at 11:00 I went straight to Ink Well boy were there some characters in there! These people totally freaked me out. I almost chickened out when Chad walked up and asked if he could help me. I told him that I wanted a tattoo and he said show me the one you want. I said well it's not really that easy, you have nothing in here like what I want. Then what do you want? I said a treble clef on my ankle. (Now those of you who know nothing about music...it's not a note, it is a symbol that tells you to play on the upper range or sing in the upper part of the musical scale) He said a what??? Being the artist that I am---NOT I drew a crude drawing of what it was and he proceeded to draw several of his depictions...I said...no I want it to look like a 3-D cartoon, but realistic. So with a new drawing and a little manipulation, I finally settled with him. I told him that I couldnt do it today, because I had a class, but I would be back if it was over soon or the next day. He said okay. And I left and went to class.

Out of the blue, our instructor (he was a student) quit his job and we had a substitute that day who had no clue of what we were doing in class so he gave us a worksheet and we were out of there in 10 mins flat.

So without hesitation (for fear of changing my mind) I drove back to Ink Well money in hand. I said okay, lets do it, now before I change my mind... He said, it will be a few minutes, I have to get ready. After about 10 minutes of talking to another person who worked there, Chad emerged with surgical gloves and all the equipment in hand and said come on up... Up the stairs to the private rooms.

We went in the room and another guy followed (he was scary, but very nice and understanding)to watch my and my reaction (he worked there). I said, okay, you both have to leave for a minute and they said, what? I said I have to take of my pantyhose. He said go ahead. I said no, you get out of here, because Im not like all the other people who come here and take off their clothes without thought..so go on. The left out and I let them back in when I was done. Chad set out all the 'tools' and I was getting hot, anticipation does that to me. Then he turned on the machine and buzzzzzzz.....I thought I should have just got up right then, the sound was horrible!!! I felt in the dentists chair, I hated it! He wet the design and placed it on my ankle and asked me if I was okay with the placement. I said fine, just do it. So he started...AHHH. It wasnt anything like I expected. It was so thrilling and exciting. It felt like he was ripping skin off of my leg, when in reality he was scratching it off (but after a few mins, you go numb and it's all good). hahaha. It took all but 20 minutes for him to finish and he placed a bandage on it and told me about aftercare he gave me a sheet and I was in the lobby downstairs after putting my hose back on!!

I paid the money and I was out of there in about 30 minutes, and was toooooo excited!

Aftercare: I was so extremely luck that my tattoo did not bleed but only in one tiny spot at the top. So aftercare for me was so easy! I cleaned it with a hypoallergic soap in the shower and before bed time. And I kept an EXTREMELY thin layer of neosporin on it for a few days. After that, only lotion and sunscreen (I dont want it to fade, it's black and greyscale).

Family: Only one other person in my family has a tattoo (other than my husband) and that is a wild cousin...ha ha ha. So when Miss Goody-Goody got a rebellious streak, I though the alter was going to fall in! HA! But everyone soon got over it, or if they havent, they dont talk to me about it. My mother told me it was the stupidest thing I had ever done and with me being 20 at the time, I felt I was doing good!! HA! My Brother thought it was awesome, and my husband adores it and my strength to go on and do it.

REMEMBER: Nothing will ever get done if you dont take the initiative to do it yourself! You'll love it, put a lot of thought into it, and make it mean something to you!

*Be sure to tune in for tales of a piercing...what my mother doesnt know, ha ha ha! (Navel piercing and Im working on the courage to do my tongue). If you have questions, I love email, just email me, I will surely reply!!!!!!!!

Happy Tattoo-ing and PIERCING!!! --Heather [email protected]


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on: 01 April 1999
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