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Bad facial tattoo experience

lways dreamed of having my face tattooed. It's been this way since... since I can remember. A year ago, my dream had became a reality... and a nightmare began.

I had been considering this tattoo for at least for about three years, thus, my design was well chosen, a big black tribal underneath my both eyes. I knew I would not regret this tattoo 'cause I really like tribal bold work. I had met the artist before and we arranged all to the best we could. When everything was set (appointement and cost) I impatiently waited for the big day to come.

I could not bileive that this day came! When I walked in the shop, God I was nervous! The artist even asked me to calm down while he prepared his machine. About ten minutes later (I am still nervous at this time!) I sat in the chair, full aware that this will probably be the most painful thing that will happen to me. He put his latex gloves on, gathered all the stuff (disinfecting liquid, ink, towels...) he'll need and asked me if I was ready. Yes, I replied shaking. I closed my eyes, ready for the "torture". It finally began.

He cleaned my face with "Listerine" (a very strong mouthwasher, I don't know if many artists use that) and dried it away. He was ready to begin. When he touched my face the first time, I was so nervous that I jumped! Then he truly began. For the first twenty minutes it hurt like hell but the pain numbed away. He first (of course) inked the outline of the tattoo and asked me if it was okay.

I used a mirror and it looked perfect.

He took a cigarette pause and I did the same (I was still nervous). He changed his gloves and continued. He began to put the color under my eyes and then the nose. It was the worse. It seemed to me that the needles were crushing my bones. However it was the quickest to do. I was surprised when he told me that it was finished. Man, I thought it would be longer than that (about an hour).

I rose and looked in a mirror. It was wonderful! I went home and used his directions for the healing. Curiously, he told me not to put Bactin onitment on it, which I found odd. Anyway, I went to sleep that night, cautious not to rub my face with the pillow.

The day after I went to take a look at my tattoo and I had a very bad surprise. There was something that I haven't noticed the day before. The tattoo was really not equal (one side of the tribel was signifivantly lower that the other part, about ¼inch or ½inch). I told myself that since he did the work he would surely fix it. But I had to move during the week that follow and thus had to forget about him fixing it.

I had to move to my mother's placed and when she saw me she flipped! I kept my tat for about six month and then my mother insisted that it had to be removed. (of course, she pays!!!!!)

We took an appointement to a dermatologist and since then (about a year) i have torture sessions each month!!! For those who never had any laser treatment.................... IT HURTS LIKE HELL!!!!!!!!! Twice badder than tattoos!!!

However, I am planning another facial tattoo, of course not with the same artist. I might be crazy but I really want to have may face tattooed. This time, though, It will be different. I will wait a little, maybe some years but I know that I will have it. I know the consequences (I have experienced them!!) and that does not bother me the least. I have desings in my head but suggestions are welcomed. And if anyone know a good artist taht is would be willing to do the work, tell me where they work!.

If you want to contact me my E-Mail is [email protected]


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 March 1999
in Tattoos

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