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Collarbone Microdermals

I've been interested in the body modification world for years now, I've always enjoyed getting piercings. I've had quite a few piercings before getting these, mostly minor ones. I've had my lip done three times, but the other piercer placed it wrong and it migrated to the point that I just took it out. I've also had my smiley pierced a few times along with four earlobe piercings with one set gaged to 2. Along with my cartilage twice. Overall I believe im thoroughly addicted to getting pierced, and I have plans for a whole set of about eight Micros. I would like to explain how I came to getting these nifty little things.

For the last 3 Years I've been a huge fan of Japanese rock music and there was this one singer who had these absolute gorgeous piercings. He had one on his throat and one on his sternum, both were surface piercings. I fell in love with the sternum one and decided I wanted it.

A year later I turn 18 and im at my local piercing parlor talking to the guy at the desk, he informs me that surface piercing reject a lot and that Jen would like me to consider microdermals. At first I didn't like the idea but then after some thinking and getting more information I decide that it would be fun to get them. She schedules and appointment for the next day and im off. I'm so excited for the whole thing, I've told everyone what im getting and then I go to the shop. I walk in and its still early so its pretty empty, shes has me fill out the paper work and show her my ID and the whole process. Then she takes me to the back and explains what shes going to do and what shes using to do it. Then she informs me her Apprentice will be helping, I got kind of nervous hearing it was a two person job. She marks me up and gets everything set to go, I lie down and she pinches the skin and pokes a hole using a 12g needle. It didn't hurt at all, then she puts the tip of the needl e in and does a swishing motion, surprisingly didn't hurt too much. The she says that this is the worst part, her apprentice grabs my skin and pulls in one direction while she pulls in the opposite, all while pushing the plate in. I wanted to squirm but didn't, I grunted some then it was in. I opted for a five minute break between them, after that I laid back down and she does the same poke and swish, it hurt a lot more, during my break the adrenaline wore off. Then comes time for the pushing and pulling to get the plate in, the first two times she didn't get it in all the way and it popped out, the third time it when in and stayed.

After that i was done, shes told me how to take care of them and now a month later they're healed and I plan to keep them forever. I plan on going back in for another set in the spring. I was so happy to add these most wonderful Anchors to my growing collection of piercings, I have my lip done twice though I am hoping to get a few more, along with my ears. now im just moving down the list of piercings I would like to get, septum, angel bites high nostril. Im sure that ill be back to tell of other wonderful piercings. I go in this week to get my new tops put on, which will be round flat circles. the next set will on my arms and then eventually wrap around my torso and go down my back. I am really excited to get more, i have had no problems with them and they were sore for maybe a week, after that i barely noticed them except when I would bump them or clean them.

In my experience when done right by an experienced professional, microdermals are a great alternative to surface piercings, and to add some helpful tips from me, wash them every day, and soak them at least once a day. Its really easy to clean them, just take a q-tip and dab them with the right soap, you can do it in the shower and everything. Bandaids are your best friend for the first 2 weeks, I put them on every night so when I rolled around they wouldn't get caught on anything. And one last tip, Im a person who loves to sleep on my stomach, its best to try to lay on your side or back for at least the first three-four weeks until they are healed.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 08 Dec. 2009
in Pocketing and Stapling

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Artist: Jen
Studio: Top+Cat
Location: Rochester+MN

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