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Hip Microdermal!

Ok, so to start off with, I'll give yall a brief history of my piercings: 2 tragus piercings, 2 rooks, 1 snug, 1 standard navel, and I've retired 2 lower navel piercings due to rejection. So after my 2 rejected navel piercings I really wanted a surface piercing but didn't want to deal with the threat of rejection again so I started looking on BME to find something new and unique. I stumbled upon the interview with Ben from House of Color and fell in love with the look of microdermal anchors. Plus the neat look, they were BRAND new at the time which was awesome. So needless to say I needed one. But...I decided to wait a while and do all of the research I could before committing to a "permanent" piercing.

Fast-forward a year and half and PLENTY of research and a search for the perfect shop/artist later and I finally decide to take the plunge and get a microdermal!  After my horrible experience getting pierced in Waco I opted to head to Austin to find the perfect studio.  So it took a while but I eventually stumbled upon Industrial Primitives down on 6th Street in Austin, TX.  I went in to see them and ask them questions every time I was in Austin for a span of about 6 months.  They even helped me heal some bumps on my tragus piercing that everywhere else I went just said they were keloids, which I knew they weren't...with some neat solution that has healed every problem I've ever had with a piercing!  They were always extremely knowledgeable and friendly so I decided to get my dermals there.

So I got a couple of friends and we road tripped down to Austin about a month ago.  I had already decided a while back that I wanted 2 microdermals, one on each hip, but due to the fact that my body can sometimes be unstable with piercings I decided to get them one at a time.  The piercer working that night was Gill and I told him what I wanted, asked more questions about his technique/amount of microdermals he had done/success rate/removal technique etc., picked out a cute gemmed top for my anchor, filled out paperwork and he set off to sterilize everything.

Now for the fun part!  My friends and I all pile into the little piercing room and Gill marks me up, we switch that around a couple of times, he cleans the area and I lie down on the table.  He uses that needle method so he took out a HUGE looking 10 gauge needle, which has my sisters jaw drop to the floor ha-ha, and he then massaged my skin which tickled a whole lot and got ready to do the piercing.  It was the standard breathe in, breathe out, pierce type thing.  I was expecting a ton of pain but I was very surprised when it didn't really hurt at all.  Especially after all of the cartilage I have pierced, this was a walk in the park.  After the hole was made, Gill put the ring in, which I had read hurt more then the actual piercing and to be completely honest, I didn't mind that part either.  Gill was really really good at this whole procedure!  It was super quick...30 seconds tops and I had no bleeding at all.  He bandaged me up with this nifty clear band aid so I could sti

ll see my piercing! So I paid, $85 total...$65 for the piercing, $10 for the new top for the anchor, and a $10 tip...and promised to be back for the second hip as soon as I felt comfortable with this one. Expensive, yes, but TOTALLY worth the professionalism, you get what you pay for after all.

Aftercare has been a BREEZE!  I wash it in the shower with my regular soap as was recommended by Gill (since my body is already used to that kind of soap) once a day and then sea salt it for 5 minutes at night before I go to bed.  I wore a band aid over it for the first three days continuously and then only at night for another 3 nights.  I got a little bit of skin irritation from the band aids, but that went away about a week after stopping wearing them.  Its healing beautifully, no shifting or sticking up at all like I had read sometimes happens and I haven't caught it on anything, knock on wood!, so its doing great.  My favorite piercing BY FAR!!  I can't wait to get the second one next week!  I recommend Gill and Industrial Primitives for their great customer service and high quality jewelry.  From now on, they will be the only place I go to for piercings, love them!  Good luck and do your research to get the best piercing possible!  Feel free to IM me on AIM (captaintif

fany16) or email me at [email protected] if you have any questions!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Oct. 2008
in Pocketing and Stapling

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Artist: Gill+Garcia
Studio: Industrial+Primitives
Location: 315+E.+6th+St.++Austin%2C+TX

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