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My dermal anchors.

I've been getting piercings for about 3 or 4 years, and I'm starting to get bored of them. I wanted to start doing something new, and I was considering surface piercings, so I talked to my guy Dan (Epic, Davenport, Iowa) about doing some, and he told me how most of them rejected, and the scars associated with rejection, and all the complications that come with surface piercings. I'm a huge snob when it comes to piercings, and I simply could not accept surface piercings as a viable body mod.

But, Dan also told me about a new mod he would start doing soon: dermal anchors. He told me how they worked, how much better they were then traditional surface piercings, and that he would start experimenting with them in the near future. I was stoked...

A few weeks went by and I wanted to get one more and more, and I stopped by the shop one day to get one, and Dan told me to wait a while longer. So a few more weeks went by, and I woke up after a huge party, probably still a little drunk and called the shop (DO NOT get any body mods while intoxicated on ANY substance, I only called when I was drunk, I was sober when I went to the shop), since I was within walking distance, and he told me to come in whenever, so I donated plasma, got some cash and marched down to the shop.

There were a few people in front of me getting labrets, and tragi, and what have you, things I already had, so I just looked at plugs until it was my turn. I was really excited to get my first anchor, and I thought everyone else were chumps.

Anyway, Dan told me he was all set up, and we'd do this thing once he finished his cigarette, and I know that sounds unprofessional, but he really is the best in the area, and the only one who has taken Fakir Intensives, so I was willing to wait. He finished, and we went back to his "office" and I saw something I wasn't quite sure what to make of. Turned out it was a dermal punch.

My first thought was, "This is gonna suck so bad."

Dan marked up the spot on my chest where I was to get the anchor (basically a Madison) and I laid back, took a deep breath pushed out and felt a small pressure. That's all, no pain, just pressure, and he had removed a 1.55mm piece of flesh. Cool. Next came the anchor. Basically pressure again, but more of it, as he forced it in. There was a little "Pop!" and he said we were finished. Aftercare was a breeze, and it healed in a month. The most painful part was the cost: $25. ;]

The second anchor I got was on my face (think anti-eyebrow) and since I knew what was coming, it was a breeze. I was a little worried about getting it so close to my eye, but the only problem turned out to be the fumes from the alcohol pad stinging my eye a little. It was kind of odd to have someone applying a ton of pressure to my face, but no big deal. No bruising, no complications, and only $25 bucks. Ouch.

My third anchor (same placement as second anchor, just on the other side of my face) was done on 2/16/07, three days ago, and it already looks healed. We used a different style of anchor this time, with a longer foot, with a larger middle hole, and bigger discs, but it all turned out the same, except this one didn't have the popping sound that come with the insertion. That bothered me for some reason. It's still a little tender, but once again, no bruising, no problems. The swelling has gone down already, and it looks exactly the same as the other side.

I realize some people might have read this and think, "Well, I paid 3 times as much as this little shit head, so mine must be better!" Believe me, my anchors look better. I've looked a lot of pictures at BME, and I'm not just saying that to sound like I'm bragging, or whatever, but I have the best anchors I have ever seen.

The only downside is that these anchors are so painless, I feel like a pussy for even getting them. Whatever, I look rad. I plan to get five more on each side of my original chest anchor, but that won't be for a while, until I get my hands on 300 dollars and he orders more. Basically, I'm just hoping to get these before Cornerstone, so I can walk around with my shirt off and look cool, maybe bring some girls to my tent.

Thanks for reading if you did, and I hope you decide to get some dermal anchors. You'll enjoy them, I promise.


submitted by: Ryan James
on: 23 Feb. 2008
in Pocketing and Stapling

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Artist: Dan+Bruce
Studio: Epic+Tattoo+and+body+Piercing
Location: Davenport%2C+IA

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