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Dermal Anchoring is Something to Smile About!

I had been looking into getting dermal anchors for about a year. I didn't know where I wanted them, or even if I wanted them, but I was definitely interested in the procedure. I asked my piercer, Kevin at California Tattoo in Citrus Heights, how dermal anchors worked. Kevin said he would gladly explain the quick procedure to me, and he also showed me the kind of jewelry he used for dermal anchors. I thought the whole process was really interesting to say the least and decided right then that I had to experience he procedure myself to really understand it.

Last weekend, I was having a conversation about my future body modifications with one of the piercers from Studio Thirteen in Salinas. I was talking to Mateo about getting my dimples pierced and he brought up dermal anchors. He said that he thought I should get some anchors done instead of piercing all the way through the thick muscular tissue in my cheeks. I thought it was a fantastic idea.

Yesterday was a hard day at work. I drove home to my empty house and decided quite quickly that I needed to get out of there.I got in my car and drove to the bank to see how much money I had. Turns out I had enough to either drive to the ocean, or get something pierced. I chose to get stuck with a needle four times and have someone pinch my cheeks as hard as they could, instead of the beach.

I had my friend Chris pick me up and take me to my regular tattoo shop where I get all of my work done. None of my artists were working that day, so I thought I was out of luck. Chris suggested that we go to the shop where he gets his work done, and I was skeptical of the idea. I really wanted to get pierced though, so we stopped by to pierce a pair of dermal anchors. Chris introduced the man sitting on the sidewalk to me, simply as Tone.

Tone asked what I wanted to do, and I told him I want my cheeks pierced. Then I told them I wanted dermal anchors instead of piercing straight through. He was a little shocked at first. He has done more than sixty dermal anchors, and not one of them was on anyone's cheek. Tone explained that if we went through with the procedure, they might grow out due to there not being enough fatty tissue in my cheeks. I was sort of bummed out, but each piercing is a new risk. I decided that if they don't work out, I would just get them pierced all the way through my cheeks. So I gave him the go ahead to try it out and see what happens.

First, Tone had me scrub my cheeks with a paper towel that was moist with something that smelled like rubbing alcohol. Once that was finished, Tone drew reference lines on my face. It took a few tries to get the lines even in length and height, but we got them pretty close to, if not completely, perfect. Tone put the table down, and asked me to turn my head to one side. Every time I get a new procedure, I become so overwhelmingly happy and calm that it's insane. I laid back, closed my eyes and just let Tone do his thing.

I felt two slight pricks, and then an extremely hard pinch. The pinch was kind of like when you get a shot at the dentist to numb your mouth before a filling, and he pinches the nerve. Then I felt the jewelry pop into place. It was so unbelievably smooth and comfortable. Tone made sure I was doing alright, and then continued to do the other cheek. The second side was a little more intense, but still a breeze to go through. After the procedure of over with, Tone was just as excited as I was. He told me he never wanted to do normal cheek piercings ever again! We snapped a few pictures and I asked how much to pay. The standard was seventy five dollars each, or one hundred thirty dollars for a pair, but he loved doing them so much that he only charged me a hundred for the pair.

It has been almost a week and my cheeks are not sore one bit. They were a little sore after the first few days, but that didn't last very long. There was also some dried blood behind the jewelry on the surface of my cheeks for a few days. They look pretty cute, besides some slight bruising from the pinching of my cheeks during the process. I'm very happy with them, the process was a great experience, and I'm definitely going back for more dermal anchors!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 27 June 2007
in Pocketing and Stapling

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Artist: Tone
Studio: Fallen+Angel
Location: Citrus+Heights%2C+CA

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