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Jugglin' A Jugular-Self Pocketing Experience

a 32 year old Body Mod Artist based at The House of Pain in Princeton, WV. I am not a self-taught piercer, I did a two year apprenticeship for tatts and holes before striking out on my own and opening a shop of my own with a very good friend, who does most of the ink work here. After five years of working towards making our profession reputable, I have finally indulged myself in a new treat, Twin Pockets in my throat. I have gleaned all the info I could from the net, spoken with a few friends abroad, and made the decision to do this Mod myself. I have been debating on doing this for quite awhile, and was very apprehensive before doing this to myself. My stomach fluttered, my nerves tingled, and my mind raced through all the possible problems that might occur during this experience. Don't get me wrong, I do all my own piercing, but the natural human fear of the unknown is a very powerful thing indeed. After some mental preparation (banging my head against a wall repeatedly)I was ready to begin. During business hours, I made the posts,(316L Surgical,14 gauge, 2 inch) prepared all surfaces involved in the procedure,(Work surfaces, instruments, and skin) and performed the pocketing in front of several customers. Needles to say, they believe I have lost my mind completely. Please understand that I am not your normal, Politically Correct boy next door type, I have been known to do strange things(such as performing a bed of nails/cinder block break) and my customers will agree that I live up to my nickname of Torture King. The procedure itself was not all that bad, and I have modified the procedure slightly to make it a little quicker and cleaner. I pierce straight through the first marks, insert jewelry, and perform the second piercing. After sliding the posts through the second marks I use suture tape to close the outboard entrance and exit holes. The piercing was done with little discomfort, and the jewelry insertion was very easy, although working in a mirror added a little difficulty to the whole thing. I did the left side first, since I am right handed and it was easier for me to work in the mirror that way. Then it was time to go to Applebee's for dinner...... Needless to say, I caused a huge disturbance when I walked in! After fielding what must have been fifty questions,(did it hurt?.....duh!!) I finished my meal and returned to the shop to do the other side. After an hour or so of farting around at dinner, my neck was a little tender, and the second pocket was not very pleasant. All in all it was not terribly painful, and I'm sure I will be doing it to myself again in the future. For those of you who don't know what they look like, I will give you a brief description of the placement. They start at the hollow of my throat and follow the natural lines of the tendons and muscles ascending my neck. They are a little tender(2 days old) and I have used straight bars, hoping that they will not migrate. If they do, I will make a set of curved bars and replace the old ones. I have seen many pictures of pocketing on BME, and your information proved invaluable to me in doing this radically new procedure. As far as I know, no one else does pocketing anywhere near me, since I live and work in West Virginia, where the men are men and the sheep are nervous, and I am hoping to give my customers an alternative to tongues, navels, and eyebrows. Although these "normal" piercings are my bread and butter, I very much enjoy doing things a little different. I will send pics of the pocketing as soon as I develop them. It seems that I can operate a computer, but can't seem to get the motivation to drive to the film place.(No, I am not lazy, I just refuse to work hard, and driving to town is just too much damn work.) This is a very different approach to body mods, but it is one that I whole-heartedly recommend to those who Dare To Be Different! In the two days I have had them, I have been solely responsible for at least half a dozen strained necks, two near car wrecks, and the removal of little Elian.......Just kidding. It definitely draws attention to you, both good and bad, but being educated enough to answer all the questions I get makes it all worth it. If you think you got the cojones(or ovaries) to get this done, contact me and we'll see just how brave you really are, there is a lot of stigma in wearing these, and those who worry about what others think should not even waste their time or money in getting them done. B-Good or B-Good at it!....... TK Anyone interested in more information can e-mail me at Tortrkng@hotmail.com.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 29 April 2000
in Pocketing and Stapling

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Artist: Self
Studio: Tattoo+Ink
Location: Ocala%2C+FL

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