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Laying your own path

                                           Self done multiple strike branding:

I became interested in body modification at around 12. I saw a man at a restaurant that had stretched ears with flesh tunnels in and I was immediately amazed. How could I see right through this mans ear? When I got home I immediately started researching this phenomenon and came across many websites offering information. I learned about many things that I could do to modify the look of my body. I dropped the subject for a while but then in 8th grade (last school year) I saw a girl with tons of body mods. I started again becoming interested in body mods. This time while researching I came across branding. I immediately was intrigued. This is what I was looking for. A way into manhood, a way to remind myself of what I could do, what I could overcome. I researched it more and then about a week ago I decided it was time.

I gathered my supplies, a lighter, a thin piece of metal, surgical gloves, cotton balls, and 70% Isopropyl Alcohol. I washed my hands and put on the gloves (a flame retardant work glove went on my left hand a surgical glove on the right) and heated the metal until it was red hot I took a very deep breath a pressed the metal onto my right arm in a diagonal way.. The pain was short and intense but bearable. The only problem was hearing my skin sizzle and pop. It was weird hearing it and I didn't much care for it. The biggest thing though was the smell, oh the smell of burning flesh. It is a smell that no one would enjoy. It is the very worst part of branding. But when I finished the first one I proceeded to do the above steps again two more times until I had three diagonal lines on my arms. The smell had overtaken the whole room so I opened a window and lit a candle. When all three had been completed the pain had built up some and was a bit more intense but I could still bear i t. I then rubbed them all with cotton balls that had some of the 70% Isopropyl Alcohol on them and the stinging pain from that was not as bad as expected. Then I put a bandage wrap on it and went to bed.

For the next few days I continued cleaning and had stopped using a bandage. But then but yesterday I noticed I had developed some greenish scabs. I decided to take off the scabs that had formed as I could finally lift a piece of each one. They came off rather easily and painlessly but it was a weird feeling. The middle burn bled a little from removing some of my unburned flesh with the scab but otherwise it was fine. The green color was just from the puss from the burn and it's not infected. My arm is a bit sore now and a little tender but all in all I like my brand and can't wait until it heals.

It may not look good, but that I don't care about. What I care about is the emotional effect it has on me. It is a constant reminder of what I can do. It helps me realize I can overcome any obstacle in my way. It has taught me that pain is only a temporary thing and that the no pain no gain mentality is true. A little pain can have outstandingly good effects later on. I'm glad I had the chance to learn this and be able to have such an experience. This has created a roaring flame in my interest in body modification and has given me and idea of my next mod. My next body mod plan is to get both my ears pierce and stretched to a starting goal of 0's. This time I will have it done professionally and not make it a do it yourself job. Maybe I will have more body modification stories to come in due time.

To conclude this little jumbled mess I would not tell anyone to do a DIY job if you want it to look good. If your looking for a spiritual thing go right ahead but it will not have a good aesthetic look to it. I think most people do like the spiritual but still want an aesthetic if so, go to a reputable piercer don't do it on your own. Remember body modification is about finding your own path and your own look, don't do things because someone else does, do what seems right and makes YOU feel good not someone else. It's all about the spirit and the mind kiddies.

Yours truly

Trevor Ryan Lynch


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Nov. 2009
in Scarification

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Artist: Self+done.
Studio: Home
Location: Jupiter+Fl

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