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My First Wire Branding

The first time my new boyfriend Mick took his shirt off in front of me, a month ago at San Onofre beach in California, I noticed this strange if healed flat keloid pattern on his stomach; obviously he had been branded, but I didn't want to discuss it on our first date. Well, he must have seen me staring at it, so after an hour at the beach and in the water, he explained to me that he and his then-gf had been to Little Beach, HI in 2007, and watched a couple of local kids brand each other using a compressed kind of wire ball (made of about seven feet of thin wire), flattened out by a heavy weight overnight, so it was a more or less triangular trellis, of a random pattern where it touches your skin. I was immediately intrigued by the idea to have it done on my lower abdomen, and before I knew it he said that those kids in Hawaii would repeat the procedure a couple of times until there was a design branded into their bodies that they'd really like, and that he would love to h ave his redone as well. Yeppie!!!

So last night, on our way home, we stopped by at a hardware store to buy a blowtorch, some thin wire and a bucket, and rolled up two big wire balls, each made of seven feet of wire, flattened them out into a triangular shape and kept them overnight under two piles of books.

This morning after breakfast, Mick said he'd go first, so he gave me a set of basic instructions, then told me to place one (now almost flat) wire ball on the area between his nipples and his belly button, and lit the blowtorch. Fortunately, he doesn't have boy-tits or anything, so his torso is like a smooth, plump Frankfurter sausage, lol, and he can use the entire area between his nipples and his belly button as a canvas; he then told me to see to it that the blowtorch would heat the wire until it would melt apart in one place, and immediately move to another. It was fascinating to watch the red-hot flame spread thru the wire like a sneak, spreading out wherever the wirelines touched each other. Before the first melt-apart happened and I had switched to a new spot on the trellis, the parts that touched Mick's skin started burning making a popping sound and smelling like, well, burned flesh. At that point, the red-hot flame was moving, maybe in 10, 11 areas of his stoma ch, eating away his top-skin. Mick started breathing somewhat heavy now, so I asked him whether I should turn off the blowtorch now (and empty cold water out of our new bucket over his body, as instructed for an emergency situation), but he said, let's give it another minute or two, and we did. Then he wanted to sleep the way the kids in HI did, and as soon as he was o.k., he said it would now be my turn.

Well, to be honest, after I had participated in Mick's (second) procedure with all the popping sounds and bad smell that came with it, I was a bit squeamish about my first branding experience. But about three hours after he had gone thru with it, he asked me whether I was still game. I took a deep breath, said sure, got on my back, and he placed the second wire trellis on my torso, lit the blowtorch and said, "Inga, you've seen how it's done; since it's your first time, we'll give it a two-minute time limit. And if you feel like it, shout, and I'll stop right away, because we want to repeat this another time on each other, once it's healed, until the design is the way we like it!"

I watched with my mouth open as the flame moved ever so slowly thru the wire until it hit my skin, first in one, then in two, six and finally ten areas of my stomach. At that point I closed my eyes and started to enjoy the sensation, and yes, the pain (which was less severe than I had anticipated). Mick asked me to tell him when to stop, but I think I was able to tolerate it for another minute or so; then he turned off the blowtorch, and I just knew something special had happened to me, and I can't wait to go thru with it again.
Now the healing is on, and following all the regiments of proper aftercare, we have to wait for at least three months until we can repeat the procedure. I'm really wondering what pattern will develop from this experience, since it's so different from the pre-designed brandings most people do; this is really a piece of work in progress!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 Sept. 2009
in Scarification

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