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Star Scar

About a month ago I was sat about in my room bored as hell. I'd just finished my first semester of university without failing any of my classes and felt like I needed some sort of modification to celebrate, one I wanted to do myself. A tattoo was out of the question as I already had two that my parents don't know about yet, so any more would just be me digging an even bigger hole for when I get found out, and of course I couldn't do one myself. A piercing was an option but there wasn't really anything in particular I wanted to do on myself, and I had just had a failed lip piercing, which had sucked and it wasn't healed enough to do it again yet. Scarification was a great option, because it wouldn't be as noticeable or expensive as a tattoo and I could do it myself, I had a good idea of what I wanted, something small and cute, a tiny star shape on my ankle.

First I had to find something to do the cutting with. I dug out a razor and instead of picking it apart and cutting my hand open like crazy, I melted away the plastic with a lighter so about half of the razor blade and its corner were exposed, I felt the razor blade, and it didn't seem to sharp but I decided I might as well try it out. Then I sketched out a little star shape on my ankle, it took a few tries to get the star the right size and shape, but eventually it looked perfect, small and cute.

Nervously I pushed the corner of the blade to my skin, first gently then a little harder and cut a tiny little line into my ankle. It wasn't really that painful and I was surprised that there was no blood as I'd cut down pretty hard, I though maybe the razor wasn't sharp enough, but after a few seconds the blood came but it wasn't coming out too fast or anything. So I just kept going and made the other cuts into my ankle. With every line I cut I experimented with how deep I'd cut. I never cut so that it was really painful it was only ever just like a nippy feeling, which went away after a few seconds. From the way I'd made the razor it was difficult to cut in a couple of directions but I managed. When I was finished I went over the cuts again to get them all even and a bit deeper. By now it was looking pretty bloody, and I started dabbing at it with a tissue. It kept on bleeding steadily for about twenty minutes and I kept dabbing at the blood to stop it scabbing over. Eventu ally when the bloody had pretty much stopped I wiped the cuts over with water and left it.

The days after I scratched and rubbed at the scars gently so they'd scar better, and the way I wore my socks they rubbed against it making it scar better. I'd heard a lot of weird stories about putting stuff onto cuttings to make them scar better but I thought it best just to leave it and see how it healed on its own.

After about two weeks the scar was healing but not as prominently as I wanted so I decided to go over the cuts again. This time it was easier because I knew what to expect but it was a little harder going over the cuts as they were still a bit sensitive from healing, some bits had healed better than others so I went over those lines deeper than the others.

It has been about a month since I done the cutting and its looking good, it's much more prominent that before and it looks great. It looks nice and small but still noticeable and looks amazing I'm out in heels! It doesn't stick out that much but I never wanted it to stick out much. There are two little bits that are more pink looking, but they'll probably heal just the same. I just hope it doesn't heal so it's hard to see, but if it does I can always just go over it again. Most of my friends know about it and think its cute, but most are kind of confused as why I'd cut into my own ankle but luckily a few do get why I'd do it. It's worked out so well that I might do another cutting at some point, not quite sure what to do yet, maybe another star or heart, just something simple.

Hope you enjoyed reading about my cutting and I hope it has been useful to you!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 21 Dec. 2008
in Scarification

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