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It feels like papercuts my ass! haha.

So my piercer of choice, Damien, wanted to get his feet wet in scalpeling. I'll try anything once, so I thought, "What the hell?". I told him I'd be his guinea pig. I love him as a piercer, but drawing is not his strong suit. We had his coworker, Zeke, help with a design. We needed something simple enough for his first time. I wanted something small enough to get the feel for it, but not make a huge commitment to the project.

We ended up with a small anchor. I haven't measured it, but it is roughly 3 inches tall and 3 inches across at the bottom of the anchor. There is a simple rope going around it as well. Zeke made us a stencil, and I began to mentally prepare myself.

Without a doubt, I was pretty terrified. I have never been scared before a tattoo or piercing the way I was scared to do this. If a piercing is going to hurt, it is temporary and I know that. Tattoos go numb for me after a few minutes. This was completely different. Damien, who has had scalpeling performed on him before, told me it just felt like a lot of papercuts and it was not too painful. He tends to describe pain well, so I took his word for it.

We decided to do it on my ribs a few inches below my boob. I wanted it there because I don't make a habit of walking around topless so if it did not turn out the way we had anticipated I wasn't going to have to look at day in and day out. I had been considering my forearm, but it was his first time and a learning experience. It seemed much wiser to do it somewhere a little more hidden.

Damien prepared his station and I layed down. The first few minutes weren't too bad. I thought the papercut thing was a bit of an understatement, but the pain was bearable. It felt exactly how it sounds, like someone slicing me open with a scalpel. It was far from pleasant, but I tolerated it better than I thought I would. It was a little hard to sit still because I calm down by taking deep breaths. Turns out, taking deep breaths moves your rip cage up and down which is not something I wanted to be doing while someone was drawing on me with a sharp object.

After about ten minutes I wanted to see. I thought it was going so well and he must be at least halfway done.. I could feel it! I wanted to see how great it looked.

To my surprise, we were maybe a sixth of the way done. That's all? The pain started to kick in the second I looked at it. I realized how much longer this was going to take and it took a slight mental toll on me. I could not believe how little had been done and in anticipation I really started to feel those so-called papercuts.

About ten minutes later I threw papercut idea out the window. Fuck papercuts. It hurt. This was the first time I had ever considered myself a wuss. I can tolerate pain pretty well, but this was becoming increasingly painful. It seemed like the more he did, the worse it felt. The more I looked at it (which might have been impossible were my boobs large) the more and more I felt. Zeke kindly let me squeeze every ounce of feeling out of his hand and forearm. Lucky for him, I am not the strongest girl in the world.

We took a couple small breaks. Damien was really into it and wanted to keep going, but I really needed a few good, deep breaths here and there. He was very, very patient with me.

We got into the final stages where he just needed to go back over some areas. I was so squirmy and tense at this point I can't believe he could stand it. He had to ask me to hold still a dozen times, but he kept his patience well. I appreciated that.

He was finally done. FINALLY. It only took about 45 minutes, but it felt like hours. We were all pleased with the final product. Damien's execution was great especially for it being his first time. He cleaned it thoroughly while I relaxed for a few minutes before seeing the finished product with a mirror. When I did look at it, I was really glad I went through with it. It turned out better than I imagined. It was also one of those experiences where the second he was done and the endorphins kicked in I asked myself why I was being such a wuss.

The healing process was a little rough. Sleeping that night was more of a chore than a good night's rest because every move I made felt like tugging on freshly cut skin; not so plesant. I actually left a bloody anchor on the inside of my shirt and on my sheets. I found sleeping on it worked better than not because the pressure tamed the pain.

It hurt for a few days before it got solid scabs. The pain quickly turned into a terrible itch that was painfully satisfying to scratch the hell out of. It itched for a few weeks which was incredibly annoying.

Now, the finished product is a little less satisfying. We didn't go deep enough so the scarring is not even. However, you can still see the whole anchor! I still love it and am proud to have been his guinea pig. He since has done a sparrow on the opposite rib cage and went much deeper, creating a beautiful finished product.

I don't recommend this to anyone who really can't tolerate pain. I recommend it even less to people that can't tolerate itching.

I don't recommend being a guinea pig. I trust Damien with my life and I am fully aware of piercing ability, but I don't think being anyone's guinea pig for anything is a wise decision for most people. As with any procedure you should know and trust your EXPERIENCED artist.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 Jan. 2008
in Scarification

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Artist: Damien
Studio: Monsterz+Ink
Location: Sylmar%2C+CA

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