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A little humor goes a long way, dudes!

Finally out of bodymod sleep-mode.

Since I got my original cutting by John Joyce in Syracuse, NY at Scarab Body Arts (a series of hearts cut down the center of my chest) - I sat in a dull, body-modless state for a couple years. A month or so after my first cuttings, I took out my 4 gauge septum, my 8 gauge tongue, my sternum surface piercing, and my belly button barbell.

I was okay with letting go of the piercings, I felt like I was done with myself looking overtly-flashy, my new scarification secretly hidden underneath my clothes. On the streets, like any other scar-ified person, I got stared at and looked at in a weird way when I wore low cut shirts, a hint of my scars showing from the top. Some people thought I actually got heart surgery, or some major procedure that left me with scars. We've heard this all before, having to explain to people over and over again the process of scarification (which is cool because some people are genuinely curious, but some disgusted) but I realized my next piece I wouldn't have in such a conspicuous place.

So finally, after my two and a half-year slumber, I decided to get something done about this scar urge. It wasn't just me waiting to get something done at the right time, I never had enough money, the means to get up to Syracuse to get something new. also I didn't have an idea of what I wanted at all! I've become modest in my placement of anything. I couldn't decide what to choose! Underboob? Continue a torso scar piece? Inner arm scars? ( I heard those don't scar too well) - thigh? I was so indifferent about a thigh cutting. Then I started drawing two (leggy) trunks with my design on them. Okay, not so bad! Hmmmmmmm... I came to the decision that it would be nice to have a little wrap-around high-thigh piece, hidden below my clothes. (I would get another one on the other side, making my scars symmetrical)

As an artist who loves texture, pattern and directionality, I wanted to contribute those thoughts into my new piece. I started figuring out true placement, drawing my idea over and over and developing it. I wanted a scale-like pattern that would be slightly feminine yet still something that would be visually appealing to me. I myself don't care about flowers or plants as tattoos or whatever, but my drawings kept turning out to be reminiscent of something organic, and also even claw-like, which i am totally into. It also seemed like a nice pattern that would scar well. Something not so intricate, but still detailed. I was satisfied. This ambiguously-shaped buddy would be my next piece. alright!

I went down to Philly to get cut. John Joyce traveled from Syracuse to do work on other people there at Shawn Porter's house, my friends and I drove through the nice/bizzaro ghetto to get there. Upon arrival, greeted with scary sarcasm, we were welcomed inside. Supposedly Shawn just moved in and a bunch of his friends or clients of John's were there. It was a comfortable, friendly atmosphere. After having a nervous pre-cutting pee, I walked into the other room where John had just finished a micro-dermal, and I was next.

He traced my drawing that I made to scale for my leg, we placed it, I laid on the table and everyone there was so accommodating, offering whatever to me. I got hassled for not taking off my shoes, and didn't realize it was so silly, I didn't really care, they weighed my feet down a little so they wouldn't twitch or anything while I got cut. The initial cutting wasn't so bad. I remember my heart cutting and I dealt with it fine, but maybe it was because it was on my sternum then that it was easier? I'm not sure. My thighs are fleshy, and the cuts felt worse. I dealt with it! The little cuts weren't so bad. I complained a little, but it's soothing to complain sometimes, talking to ignore some of those long cuts. I had a lot of line-work so it was either bearable short or painful long lines.

John was really cool about it and kept making me talk so I would focus more on conversation rather than the pain that seemed a little too much sometimes. With people rotating in and out of the room, Natalie, John's awesome girlfriend, Shawn, coming in and being a totally awesomely funny host, their humor made the long curves of my cutting bearable. it was the best setting to be cut in. I couldn't stress this enough!

When the initial cutting was done, I felt fine, everything was fine, I just needed a little water and some back-handed yet loving humor that everyone was feeding each other. John applied the blue gel and kept cutting section by section. I was unsure about the thickness of my cuts, and if I wanted the outlines to be thicker, and the inside texture to be thinner, to accentuate space and the depth of the design. But after the second cutting happened, I decided the pieced looked really amazing. I was satisfied.

After wrapping and having John re-explain the healing procedures, I was so so so glad I got this done. It's too bad, I couldn't get the other side done that night, but at the same time, it probably takes a lot for a dude to work on people all day after a trip down from Upstate New York. I will be getting my other side cut in a couple week (hopefully) to be symmetrical.

I love ittttttttttttttttttttttttttt so thank you dudes for making this experience totally awesome.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 Sept. 2007
in Scarification

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