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My Wing Scarification

I will never forget the day I got my scarification. It is actually on May 30th, when one of my close friends was having a house party. So anyway, I went down to Acid Crue on Tuesday, and I was so excited because I thought I was gonna have my scar done on that day. Turned out Shane only wanted to discuss about the scarification, not do it on that day. And as I was really eager to get it done, I told him I want to do it the next day which is on May 30th. Shane is really cool about it despite the short notice. And I, of course, can't wait to get it done. Truth be told, the whole scar was actually an impulse doing. I mean, I have thought of getting a scar for a while, but was never really sure if I should get it. So that day when I got my anti-eyebrow at Primitive Art, I asked Aidil if he does scarification(he don't), and so he recommended me to Shane because he is the only one who does scarification professionally in Singapore. Later that day Shane texted me about it and we set an appointment to discuss it, which was the day I dropped by happily thinking I was gonna get my scar on that day.

Okay so anyway, the whole experience was really numbing. It took 6 hours and not only my arm was numb, so was my ass. I had no idea the process takes so long! And, I have a party to attend after so one could've guessed how restless I was getting. I have been telling so many people about how I got my scar and now I'm gonna say it again. So right, at first, Shane showed me this awesome picture of the wing he drew (he's really an artist to come up with something so beautiful in a day), I fell in love with it the first time I set my eyes on it (sounds so corny but it's true). Then Shane pasted the stencil on my arm, and after that the cutting begins. I'm not gonna lie and say I wasn't nervous, especially when he took the scalpel out. I remember asking if it is gonna hurt and stuff, and Shane said no in fact he thinks tattoo-ing will hurt more. And since I have a couple of tattoos myself and I survived, I thought I'm gonna be fine.

When Shane used to scalpel to draw over my skin, I can't really remember the pain factor but it is quite low. I mean, I remember just sitting there, watching the blood droplets slowly form and everything, and i can't remember any pain. Shane asked a couple of times if it hurt and I'm like, no not really. Then after that, he rubbed anesthetic into my skin and it didn't hurt either. He wrapped the plastic cling around my arm and we waited for like 10 minutes before he cuts the second time. When Shane deepened the cut, it was as if some kid was using a crayon to draw all over my arm. It really really didn't hurt. A lot of people didn't believe me when I said that but I swear to God, it really didn't hurt a single bit!

Shane then rubbed more anesthetic into my "wounds" after he deepened the cuts and I waited for another 10 minutes with more plastic cling around my arm. Then he used some kinda tweezers-like thingy to hold up one sharp end of the wing, and he started removing my skin, it was really sick at first, when he removed my skin and it was all white with small red circles inside. Then the bleeding begins. I don't really know how much blood I had lost on that day, but I do know it is A LOT.

When it began to hurt to a point when I know I'm not gonna take it, I told Shane and he applied more anesthetic. Then he continued cutting...

When it came to the top part of the wing, which is somewhere near my shoulders, it started to hurt real bad. But I beared with it because God knows how much those wondering anesthetic cost. And it wasn't that bad, really. Maybe it's because it's at night and I'm more sensitive to feelings, or prolly it's because the anesthetic wore off. But whatever, I survived everything.

After that, Shane's girlfriend Daphne (same name!) brought me to the ladies to wash away the blood. And let me tell you something, it stung the hell out. I mean, it wasn't as bad as biting hard on the same spot of your lips three times, but yeah it really stung. So I was like, omigawd I'm so gonna die when I take a shower right. And Daphne was like, ha ha yeah. She had scarification of stars on her leg and it is really pretty.

Then Shane took pictures of my wing, gave me specific instructions on how to take care of it and everything. Then I headed to the party where loads of stuff happened.

When I took my first shower, it wasn't that bad. In fact it hurts less than I thought! So if you're thinking of getting a scar but are not too sure due to the pain, I recommend you get it because that's what you want. Pain is only momentary, and pain solves everything, sometimes. And hey, if I survived it, you definitely will too.


submitted by: daphnerae
on: 25 July 2007
in Scarification

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Artist: Shane+Horinaka
Studio: Acid+Crue
Location: Singapore

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