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My First Skin Removal

I got my first scarification a week or two ago and since then I have been considering getting some skin removal done. I got my original scarification re-cut today to make the cuts deeper and leave a better scar. It hurt more than the first time because the cuts were deeper. After that was done my friend asked me if I wanted to try skin removal coz she knew I was already considering it. I wasn't sure, so I decided to get a tiny bit of skin removed under my sock where nobody would see the scar or anything. It only took a few minutes to do and the cutting part hurt more than the skin being removed so I then decided that I would get a proper skin removal done.

So we looked on the net for a design and I decided on a picture of a skull I found, so it was printed out then transfered onto carbon paper, then transfered to my shin that I had shaved to get ready. Then the cutting started...

It seemed to hurt a lot more than my original scarification, maybe that was something to do with it being on my shin. The first area of skin to be removed was the top and sides of the skull's head and it was quite long. That was cut, then the tweezers came out to play. My friend cut a little flap under the skin so that she could hold it with the tweezers while removing the rest of the skin. It didn't hurt at all at first, but that wasn't to last. As more skin was slowly cut away from underneath it started to hurt a bit but it certainly wasn't unbearable, cutting the outline of the first area hurt more to be honest so I was thinking it would all be plain sailing... I was wrong!! It started to hurt a lot, much more than any of the cutting before that. It still wasn't unbearable but it was close. It was very difficult for me to keep my leg still but I managed it somehow. I was very glad when the first area of skin was finally fully removed because I could drink some water and have a rest for a minute. I laughed and joked about not thinking this through properly, but I knew really that I wanted it done... I just wasn't expecting so much pain.

Next there were some small lines cut on the skull's forehead and that skin was removed. It hurt a lot but not as much as the first part, so we moved straight on to the skull's cheekbones... For some reason they seemed to hurt a considerable amount so when they were done I needed to rest for a few minutes. I was resting and suddenly realised I felt cold and that I was shivering. It felt like my body was slightly going into shock, probably because it was trying to deal with pieces of skin not being there anymore. I got my friend to get me a sweet drink and put a blanket over me with just my leg sticking out. I was thinking at the time that maybe I should leave it at that and get the rest of the skin removal done another day but after a few more minutes I felt ready to soldier on.

The skull's jaw was the next part to be done and it was quite tricky, so it took a while, but it was finished and it didn't hurt a great deal. I was happy about that but I knew the eyes and nose were next and would involve some quite large areas of skin being removed, so that would probably hurt quite a lot. I rested for a minute to ready myself.

The eyes and nose were then cut and I rested for another minute or so because I was fully expecting a fair bit of pain when the skin from them was removed. It was time to remove the skin from the first eye. I soon discovered that my expectation of the pain was right. I remember asking my friend a few times during that part how much was left to go and being disappointed when the answer wasn't "Not much". After a while though it was done and it was time to remove the skin from the second eye, which was pretty much the same as the first one.

Finally my friend started to remove the skin from the nose of the skull, the last part of the skin to be removed. This also hurt a lot but I was looking forward to it being finished.

Eventually the nose was finished and I felt like a great weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I had just endured over two hours of pain and fought through the first stages of shock. I was so happy the pain was over with but also happy I'd had the skin removal done.

It was all cleaned with surgical scrub, then covered with clear plastic stuff and gauze. A bandage was then put around my leg to keep the gauze in place. I was also given some surgical scrub, lots of gauze, and some more of that clear plastic stuff to take home so that I can keep it clean and free from any infections or anything else nasty.

Now it'll probably take a month or two to properly heal, and I imagine it'll hurt a lot over the next few days, especially if it gets wet in the bath. I'm not looking forward to having a bath with this skin removal at all, I might try to leave my leg sticking out of the water, but at least I can clean it with surgical scrub so that shouldn't matter.

On a final note I decided to name the skull Frank after the guy in the first Hellraiser movie who has no skin.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 June 2007
in Scarification

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Artist: Vikki
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Location: Manchester

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