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"Yeah, it's gonna bleed."

About a month ago I was downtown getting a surface piercing. At the time I was looking thru the piercers book. At the back he had some cutting scarification pictures. This has always been a primary interest of mine but in the past I have recieved a lot of bad attitude about it. I was curious but I was about to get this piercing and that was my focus just then. I didnt even mention it to him.

About a week later I stopped back in to talk to him about it. He showed me some scars he had done on his own leg. We discussed design ideas. I wanted a spider web. I liked the idea of all those lines. One of the tattoo artists there was very helpfull in explaining why some things work well and some things don't. I said I would call in a few weeks.

So I went back in a few weeks and he was drawing webs. We still had not settled a few details. After we did he drew the stencil. He went out front for a quick cigarette and came back in with a guy from a tattoo place a few doors down who was going to watch.Josh started to set up and I mentioned bleeding. I have cut myself before though not in years and it always bled alot. He started to say something about it not being so bad but then he just smiled and said "Yeah, It's gonna Bleed." I liked that answer. And he was right. More than I think he knew.

He set things up in a little glassed in room. I sat in a high silver strait back chair he sat on a small adjustable swivel stool. The other guy was out side the glass.This guy made some nice small talk while the stencil went on. Very nice and all but Oh Man! when the cutting started I was wanting to change my mind. I could not look or talk to them for awhile. I just gripped the metal back of the chair and bit my lips so hard I could see marks for days. I was looking hard at some pictures on the back wall when I heard the other guy say how he loves the way the cuts look all white before they fill with blood. Then I remembered that I like that too.

So I tried watching. Just in time to see him nick something and blood spurt across the room and hit the glass. It was a quick thing but they noticed that that point was bleeding with the pulse after that where the other points were just leaking steadily. Some concern but it was slowing. Around this time Josh noticed some blood on his arm and had to clean up. I felt bad but it was beautiful. The skin on his arms is blue/green there and the bright red blood over it looked awesome.

He asked the other guy to put on gloves and come in and put some pressure on things while he cleaned up. He kept peeking. I told him you should'nt do that IF you want it to stop.Then Josh was back because somehow IT WAS NOT DONE YET!!!I came to dread the words " I am going to bust it open now." Finally it was green soap time. And the paper towels. I hate paper towels rubbing down on fresh cuts. Then he bandaged me up. I thought this would make things look less scary. It did'nt really. I looked seriously wounded. But with long pants on you could'nt tell so...okay.

Now the interesting part is it had never really stopped bleeding all the way. Blood kept dripping down into my boot all the way home and thru work that night.I got in the shower around 10:30 that night. I was told it would be rough. It was. Under the mummy stuff was a sort of blood clot the size of my whole hand stuck to everything. All wet and gross. It was a bitch to get off but it finally came. But now thing were really bleeding freely again. There were about three points that just would'nt quit. One of course was where the uh "something" got nicked. I made some half hearted attempts to stop it but then just let it go. I stood on a black towel and it just ran down my leg. This went on untill 1:30 a.m. when I started to shake.

I put my leg up on a pile of pillows and stuffed several layers of paper towels into my pants, crossed my other leg over it hard and tried to breath slow. The shuddering lasted awhile but I told myself to relax. I've been here before. I fell asleep.

In the morning I woke up. My first cautious movements informed I was stuck to something. It was the bed, my pants, and worst of all the paper towels. I ripped myself off the bed peeled out of my pants and one layer of paper but rest was still firmly and perhaps permenently attached to me. This was not good news. I actually tried reasoning with the accursed paper towels. I thanked them for all they had done for me what with stopping the bleeding and all...but come on!

So I got into the shower stall of aginy again. By all rights this shower should have been easier. Not so at all. I had hoped that wetting the demonically clinging paper towels would make them let go.

It did not. The layers of bloody paper were hard as cement and totally bonded. And the pulling feeling of the now heavy, soggy paper was awful. I knew it was going to have to be a bandaid job. 1,2,3, and aaaahhhhhhhhhyes!Thank god almighty I was now free of the paper towels. And bleeding again.

Josh had told me to wrap things in vaseline and plastic but I was put off by warnings of a heat rash. I was now ridiculously willing to wrap it up if only to avoid ever becoming one with my pants,the bed, the paper towels or anything else.

I also told him I was not sure how much irritation I would do. I never bothered my cuts much before other than being a compulsive scab

picker. After a fews days though I thought the cuts looked so thin I started thinking they would'nt scar much so I stated to hit it with everything I read about or heard about. Oh pain. Thats all. Lemon juice, sugar, salt, vinegar, chili paste, hydrogen peroxide,etc.

After scrubbing with a nail brush and pouring on peroxide one night I had forgotten about it & was brushing my hair when I felt an intense itchines and looked down to see every line in the web foaming and white. The skin in between was not. It was like a living spider web crawling on me. Another cool thing is the shivery thing. If I sneeze, or shiver, or someone touches me unexpectedly the web shivers all by its self a second later.

I was downtown the other night having the left web cut on. At that time Josh ( and many others) checked it out and seem to think it's scarring well. I was advised by a guy with a split tongue and an awesome scar running from cheek to cheek across his nose to keep using the lemon juice so I will. Thats about all folks.

Thank you and goodnight.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 May 2007
in Scarification

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Artist: Josh
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Location: NYC

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