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Psh, scarification doesn't hurt.

I've wanted to get a scarification piece for a while now, but could never really decide on a pattern or design that really did anything for me. I've had some ideas in the past, pursued them a little but, but never really followed through. If I'm going to get anything permanent on my body, then I want to be absolutely in love with it, and i wasn't absolutely in love with any of my previous ideas.

But in mid march, I saw a posting in one of the IAM forums I belong to, the Jew Crew forum. This post was by another member of the forum, Meg, and it turns out that she was going to be guest spotting at a studio near me and wanted to know if anyone out here wanted work. I immediately knew that I needed to get something Jewish. I've just recently come to understand and appreciate my Jewish heritage, so a Jewish scarification piece by a Jewish artist just immediately felt right to me.

So I responded to Meg's posting immediately, and told her I wanted to get work done while she was in town. I told her that I wanted some type of Star of David design. She told me to look online to find the type of design I wanted and to email it to her.

While browsing google image search, I figured out exactly what i wanted. It was a combination of sorts. I wanted to get a Star of David with the middle eastern Evil Eye symbol in the middle. She wrote back saying that she'd work on a design, and we set up an appointment day and time.

Finally, the day came. And I would have to say that I was much more nervous about meeting Meg than I was for the cutting. When it comes to modifications, i always think, "hey, if tons of other people get sit through it, then I'm going to have no problem." But I'm always excited to meet fellow IAMers, and this was no exception.

Meg showed me the design, and I loved it immediately. She had combined all of the images that I had emailed her into one amazing design, which was exactly what I wanted. She told me to give her a couple of minutes to prep the area and prepare her tools, so I took a walk around the block, had a cigarette, drank some water, and came back.

I had decided previously that I wanted the cutting on my right rib cage, and so we decided on a placement. It was straight and perfect the first time she put it on.

She had me lay down on a massage bed, on my side, and gave me a pillow to support my head. She told me that there was going to be two steps to the cutting. The first was the outline, which was basically a scratch. She said it shouldn't hurt any more than a tattoo. After that was done, she was going to apply a numbing agent, and finish all the details and make it look nice. Easy enough.

Then she began cutting. It was so much easier than I thought it would be, and I was expecting it to be easy. I would say that it felt like getting a tattoo, if even that. After about ten minutes, she laughed and told me that this was going really easy because my skin cuts like butter. Score.

After that was done (possibly 20-30 minutes?) and put on a numbing agent. We let that kick in for about 5 minutes, and she started the detail work. But once the numbing agent was in, I didn't feel a single thing. Not even pressure. I could see her working on me, but it didn't even feel like she was touching me. The next 45 minutes or so just flew by. Conversation was easy and fun, the whole experience was completely painless, and I was super excited to get this cutting.

Meg finished up, and told me to stand up so that she could take a look at it while i was standing, and so that I could take a look at it in the mirror. It was exactly what I wanted, and was completely done. I grabbed my camera and had Meg take a few photos for me, then she bandaged me up and went over aftercare with me again. She also pointed me to a website that detailed the aftercare.

I paid her for her amazing work. And left a tip (always always always leave a tip. always). Then I was on my way!

That evening it was a little sore, but it was really nothing. Didn't hurt that much at all. Meg had told me that my first shower was going to kill and make me wish i had never got it done, but it only stung a little. Very bearable. I followed all the aftercare instructions, and it's healing quite nicely.

All in all, it was a very easy and pleasant experience. I've gotten so much more out of this appointment, much more than I expected, so I can't help but be happy. I feel like this scarification project makes me feel more like myself, and I an very happy that the whole experience was a clean and pleasant one.

I highly recommend scarification, and Meg was a pleasure to get cut by!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 May 2007
in Scarification

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