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Cut Chest

This was the third cutting I have had done in the last month. After this I think I am going to take a little time to heal up. I did not plan this one much in advance like the other two. Five weeks ago I had a spider web done on my right calf. That one spiraled from scarification into bloodletting. One week ago I had the left done and despite hurting like a bitch it was pretty mild. It is smaller than the one on the right by like a quarter inch around. That is why I ended up going back there yesterday. Just to have him look it over and see what might be done when it's healed. Another set of lines seems possible.

But being there I started wanting something. The day before I had been drawing on myself with red magic markers thinking about cut lines. I did'nt think I was going to do it just then though. But I was wrong.

I asked Josh if he felt like cutting some lines and he said he's always up for work. I thought this would be a fairly fast thing. Six strait lines on my chest. Diagnally. Two long four short. Josh decided to draw them on free hand no stencil. I thought this would be fast. It was not fast.

I am like a fucking hermit crab about clothes. I wanted to say turtle but if you take off a turtle shell it dies. I won't actually die but its a close call. So I just ripped the side of my t-shirt so I could pull it down really far. Josh started marking me up with black marker but oneof the tattoo artists who was watching cause it was such a slow day came over and said "I'm gonna save your life here." He got out several markers of different color. I was surprised that these had to be thrown away because Josh had shaved my chest. When he did my legs I shaved them at home. I never would have thought of the chest. I have very light body hair because of being redhaired.

So the tattoo guy starts by drawing a grid in one color and then the bickering started. "Your lines are off." "No your lines are" Then everything would get wiped off again. I kept telling them not to drive themselves crazy over it. I drew the lines on the day before in like two seconds. Ah but this was not to be. It had to be like 45 minutes maybe an hour. Or maybe I am being dramatic but I don't think so. A privacy screen was up but people kept popping around it.

Some one came in with news of the new earthlike planet orbitting a red dwarf star in a galaxy not so far away. The guy who helped with the first web came in and showed me his lacerated cornea. Someone joked that it was an eyeball scarification.

Finally Keith(the bored tattoo artist) announced "Cut it, son" but when I lay back in the chair Josh started fretting over the lines again. Keith said not to let it throw him the skin there moves alot.

This pain was better and worse than the legs. I can disassociate from my leg a bit. But having someone in my face looming over cutting skin that seems so delicate was more immediate.

After Josh said "That one tickled a bit huh?" I left after discussing ideas for the next massacre. He brought up skin removal again. I usually say no. This time I sighed and said okay why? He explained and I have agreed but that will be a rough day I know.

At home in the shower I was wondering how much pain to expect. Web #1

hurt like a motherfucker #2 did'nt really and with all the evil irritation I have been engaged in lately my pain tolerance is a bit on the high side. The water did'nt hurt for a minute but this was pure deception. I had to just hold myself tight so nothing could move

and wait. Then I poured on lemon juice. This spun me into realms of bright glassy red and yellow pain. Awful but clean clean clean. The on with the saran wrap. I have so much plastic wrap under my cloths I hear it when I move. Thats probly a sign that I should lay off a while. We'll see. One last note, all the calculating of the lines really worked out. The symmetry is perfect. When I lean forward the lines converge to form crude arrows and when I lean back they pull way apart but the lines all match up. Keith the tattoo guy told Josh he wants him to teach him cutting. Yeah!!! A convert.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 May 2007
in Scarification

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