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BlackBlood,LemonScented Scabs and the Left Web Wakes Up

First of all if you read about the right web(Yeah Its Gonna Bleed) I would like to correct an error. I am not a man.Anyway...

So I had a big spider web cut into my right leg about a month ago. A week ago I went back to have the left side done. I had a feeling that experiencewise it was going to be a bit of a let down just because that last one was so bright and bloody and some things happened that do not always with these things.

The day I was supposed to go everything was going wrong. My old cat died. I got my period. I had a hangover(I almost never drink anymore). My full length mirror broke...So probably I should have put it off but I do not get too much free time so I did'nt.

Last time I went in the afternoon. This time I got there around 10:30

at night. It was pretty crowded for a small, narrow place. The work spaces are glassed in so you can see most of whats going on. That makes waiting a bit more interesting. I noticed a very cute very tiny looking girl doing piercings who I had not seen before. Itty bitty hands with purple nails. I liked the way she moved thru the crowd. Josh came over to say hi and he asked if I had met his wife yet. Now I was very curious. He had been telling me last time about a cutting of a cat he did on her inner thigh. When she came over a bit later I asked her about it. She showed me some pictures. It was different from what I'd thought but it looked good.

He asked if I minded showing the healed web to some people. I am shy so this is always wierd for me but whatever. The general opinion was that it looked "fierce"(?) but that some "peelies" would make it awesome. I found out that peelies meant skin removal. I am not there yet. So I declined to have my skin pulled off( or peeled ) even for the purpose of artistic vision. Whenever some one brought it up Josh would raise his eyebrow at me and I just shook my head.

The store was hot with some many keyed up people milling and some girl was moaning and whining all the way thru her tattoo so I went out side for a while. Saw a cool sparrow fight.Ah springtime.

Finally about midnight it was time. This time I sat in the piercing chair in the middle room. Leg up on the bar. Josh explained that he was having a bit of a bad day himself. One of the tattoo artists was out among other things. When he started to draw on the stencil traitor of a leg started freaking out. I told him " I think my leg is afraid of you. It thinks the pen hurts."

When he started cutting he had to put my foot between his legs and more or less sit on it because it kept shaking. His wife had put up a screen for privacy and Chris the guy who helped Josh do the last web popped his head around to see what was up. Josh told him my skin was really tense and pulling in all different directions. He laughed a bit and said " Thats cause she knows now what to expect" I let my hair fall over my face and turned away. When I looked again I saw that "mini-mohawk-mystical-tattoo-guy was watching from the backs room. This guy had come in with a friend who was being tattooed in the last room. He had been hopping around for like the last hour all excited about a future tattoo he wanted to get that had to be like nothing any one else had ever had. Now he was just standing there staring at my leg which was pouring blood by now. And he was finally quiet.

Last time we did this Josh got bloodied up too. That worried me some even though I am sure I have no blood born diseases. In the intervening weeks I looked on BME at alot of cuttings-in-progress pictures and was surprised to see most artists with gloves but bare arms. This time Josh wrapped his arms. This seems wise.

Finally the shaking seemed to stop and I could do any with the awkwardness of having my foot in his crotch. Though it was a little funny. Also since it was nice and wet now with blood I could watch more. I noticed that the blood was very dark. Black looking and it was beading up along the lines. Like a spider web with dew on it. Except black. I guess the crowd had drifted away cause Josh's wife and the tattoo artists came over and pushed the screen back and sat down as he was finishing up. There seems to be a number of shops that these people go back and forth between. It's an interesting scene. Chris showed up again abd Josh showed him how the web pattern bleeds like an aquaduct down thrus the lines. Chris reminded us to get a blood print. Josh washed things off and wrapped things up. I was just getting ready to go when this guy who had been in earlier rematerialized. Josh asked his advise about some thing else I wanted. Some thing a bit dangerous. I do not know why this guys opinion carried weight but it seemed to. Maybe it was the split tongue. I never saw that before except in pictures. I was surprised that I liked it.

Anyway this has gotten too long so I will wrap up. I slept in the bandage woke up showered with out the ordeal of last time got a good look at the new web and started kicking everthing I could. I hated it. It was smaller and prettier. In and of itself it is probaby the better of the two but I can not accept smaller. Its been almost a week. I have irritated the fuck out of it. That made it feel bigger but so what? I rubbed cayenne pepper into and it burned slowly for hours. I had stopped bothering the right side when the skin closed up but Mr. SplitTongue said to keep doing it. I was out side earlier and that side started to itch as it is want to do. I scratched at it and then I had rubbed my hand over my face and was overwhelmed by the scent of lemons.

I called Josh yesterday and told him what was up. He cursed and said to come back in and we would see what could be done. I think one more set of lines around will do it. After I spoke with him I decided to take a hot bath. I have not mentioned it in this story but the right web has some very interesting nerve reactions. If I shiver a beat later it has its own shiver. This can happen with sneezes and loud sounds or un expected touches too. One of the reasons I wanted the left one done is to see if it happens with that one too. Well when I slid into the water the I shivered a bit the the right web did its thing and then starting at the point over my shin the little left web sent out radiating tingles all along the lines.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 May 2007
in Scarification

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Artist: Josh
Studio: Whatever
Location: NYC

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