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Self Strike Circle Brand

First a little background on the whole ordeal. I've been interested in all sorts of body modification for a while, but haven't had the resources to pull it off. Last summer I finally had the excess cash and will power to get my lip and eyebrow done, and in the past couple of months also pierced my nipple.

However, I haven't had the money to get a tattoo which is something that I've desired for a very long time. Looking through BME, I got interested in the idea of brands. Their simplicity and appearance attracted me, as well as the possibility of doing them myself (basically free). It also crossed my mind that I could decide on the level of permanence by the number of strikes and how hot I heated the material.

Since I'm a bit of a pat-rack, I had some random test tubes lying on my desk (don't ask, it's a university oddity). One day I was mildly enjoying a couple drinks when I decided that I would test out how hot I could make the edges of the test tube. I took a lighter and waved it around the opening hole to the tube, and then struck the gel pad that sits in front of my computer. It made a nice little indentation that remained even after a couple minutes. I continued to test on my gel pad patient, each time becoming more confident in how hot to heat it to get a nice circle, and how to press as to make it even all the way around. I left it at that, too chicken to try it on myself.

A couple days later during reading week at my university, I was left alone for an entire day with no one around to entertain me, so my mind wandered again to the branding. I decided that I would mildly heat it and try a strike or two, not hot enough for any real permanence, just to see how it felt. I decided to down a couple shots to calm my nerves and dull the pain, and since there was no actual blood/skin piercing happening, the blood thinning effect wouldn't be crucial. I lit up the lighter and got the edges decently hot and then finally struck the skin. It was a quick flash of pain and then nothing, so I tried a couple more times, each time a little hotter. After about 4 strikes of increasing heat, i called it a successful day and stopped. I had only about two that left any lasting mark, and they disappeared in about a week.

The actual real brand was not even done by me, ironically. I was enjoying the company of a lady friend when the idea struck to tell her about the branding. She thought it was a phenomenal idea, herself with some body mods of her own. She said that she wanted one of her own, and asked if I'd do it for her. I grabbed the lighter and heated it up hotter than I'd every heated it before, making the edge black. I asked where she wanted it and stamped relatively hard and then pulled back fast. She barely flinched, I was very impressed. It left a perfect black ring right in the middle of her wrist. I thought it looked amazing, and it still looks quite good after a week of healing. She then asked if she could do brand me. I was hesitant as I really wanted to do my own, but after some convincing I said I'd let her do the actual strike. I heated it up to about the same heat, a little less after cringing at how hot I'd made hers. She took it and struck, but didn't pull back as fast which made me flinch. It ended up being slightly more burnt on the upper portion of the burn ring, but I think it added a lot of character.

There was no real clean-up, we simply put the test tube and lighter away and continued to talk. It's been about a week now and I'm very happy with how my brand has turned out. A lot of people have asked what it is and how I got it and I happily explain that it's a brand, and yes, I meant to do it. I had some interest in whether this was just another form of self-mutilation like depression cutting, but I try and assure them otherwise. I think it's beautiful and I would've done it over again. I encourage anyone interested in this more... interesting of body modifications to get educated and see what you'd like. It hurt less than getting my nipple pierced, but then again I only did one strike. We'll see how long it lasts! But until it fades, I'll enjoy it fully.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 March 2007
in Scarification

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