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My love - My stars.

The day was August 20th, 2006. For months, maybe even longer, I'd been convinced that I wanted to have a scarification. Two stars, one on the inside of each hip. At the time I had about 15 different piercings, several rather painful ones, but still no tattoos. I was always told that the pain wasn't very much different from having a tattoo made, so I didn't really have anything to compare it too. An artist I talked to also recommended me to have a tattoo first, so I'd be better prepared, but I said no way. A scarification was something I was burning to have, a tattoo could come second.

There are many reasons for why I chose my stars.
The day my grandmother died, the day before my seventh birthday, I remember standing in the window, wishing to the stars, that there would always be snow on my birthday. And mark my words; No matter how bad the prognoses has been, no matter if there hasn't been any snow so far that year; On the morning 17th December, there has ALWAYS been snowing. This, in combination with me being called Eleniel (Daughter of stars) for years, made my decision easy. I also have added a star tattoo to my back later.

Choosing an artist was also an easy job. I know an excellent artist, who is extremely well trained and who I trust completely. I had no issues with trusting him too make my body art. I knew I would be in safe hands. He does all his work from home now, for different reasons, which only creates a safe atmosphere to me. When I got there, we sat down and had something to eat while he looked over my design.
We tried out different sizes until we got them just right, and than he walked me through the entire procedure, step by step. He made me completely safe, and told me everything there was to know.

After cleaning my skin, getting the entire gear ready, we finally got started. I was completely anxious, but at the same time very exited. I had been looking forward for this for quite some time! He used a 1# scalpel, giving a very nice, thin cut. When he started cutting, I had a reaction that almost hit me. It was extremely unexpected! First it felt like he was hitting every nerve possible to hit in my entire body, at the same time! Almost like getting constantly pierced, a new piercing every second! I had to hold on to the table, trying not to scream at first. The skin down there is very thin, and absolutely not meant to be cut in! My artist had informed me about this in advance, telling me it defiantly would hurt. And trust me, it did! For the first ten minutes or so, I though I was going to die. I can take a lot of pain, trust me! I've been through having my ribs broken in ten different places at once, but it couldn't even compare. But on the bright side; after ten – fifteen minutes, I could hardly feel a thing. It did still hurt, and I could still feel the sharp scalpel cutting through the thin skin. But it didn't hurt even close to as much as earlier! Despite of this, it was an amazing experience. Because the pain was more, it felt amazing at the same time. I got an adrenaline kick incomparable to anything I have ever felt before. It was almost orgasmic in many ways. So all in all, the experience was mainly positive.

The procedure it self took about an hour, half an hour on each star. The outlines was the part that hurt the most, but when he cut the angle my skin was already numb, so it didn't hurt as bad. But there was one thing dragging out the time; I wanted my stars to look "chopped". Almost as if they had been made with a horrible knife during math class. I'm not a fan of straight lines, and knew this look would be more "me".

After the cutting, he covered it with clingfilm, which than was taped. When I left, it did slightly hurt to walk, considering the area was in constant motion. On the bus back home, I couldn't keep myself from looking at them as often as possible, I thought they were so beautiful! I absolutely love my stars.

For the healing process, I was told to rub it in with lemon juice, and use some kind of peeling. I could very well make my own peeling, from Vaseline and sugar, which I did. I rubbed it in with this peeling about 3-4 times a day, and than rubbed it in with lemon juice when I was done, for about three weeks. All until there were no scabs left, and it had started to close. The healing went surprisingly well. They didn't close up too fast, and the scars look exactly as I want them too. I've had them cut up once since than, January 2007, and will have them cut up once more in a couple months from now. Also considering an ink rubbing during that cutting.

All in all, I love my stars! The experience was amazing, and I haven't had a single thought of regret. I can absolutely recommend this to anyone who wants something different from a tattoo. To give you an image of the pain, it actually is practically the same as getting a tattoo, maybe a bit more painful. I've had a tattoo since, and it was a lot like the same. I deeply recommend it. My stars are my love, and I consider them an important part of me and my story.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 March 2007
in Scarification

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