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I'm dumb. My first scarification.

***Author's note: self-done cuttings are NOT a good idea. You should always go to a professional, and if there aren't any professionals in your area, do some research for a good, respectable studio in a nearby city***

I have always thought that scars were such an interesting thing. When I was younger, I would always pick my scabs, much to my mother's dismay. She'd complain, "You'll get scars!" I would just look at her and reply, "Scars tell stories."

And it is true. Scars do tell stories. I have been wanting a skin-removal type of scarification for about a year now, but didn't know of anyone in the area that did them. Whenever this happens [which isn't often, thankfully], I decide to take matters into my own hands. I had been researching skin removal on bme for about three months, so that if I ever did find a skilled professional, I would be prepared when the time came.

The time finally came on Wednesday, but it wasn't by a skilled professional. I had been messing around online, thinking about my upcoming tattoo, and suddenly I just knew that I HAD to have a mod done, and now. So, I thought about what I wanted, and of course I wanted it to be a star. I pondered a bit more and decided that I wanted a skin removal on my hip. I went into my bathroom and picked up two different types of tweezers, and some new #11 exacto blades. I wanted to make sure that everything was sterile, so I put a pot of water on the stove to boil. I tossed my materials into the water and let them boil for about half an hour. While everything was boiling, I prepared my work area. I decided to do this on my bed, due to the comfort factor and the good lighting. To prepare, I put a dark colored, clean towel on my bed. I also grabbed a box of Kleenex, some q-tips, peroxide, bactine, and a brown bag to throw garbage into. Once everything was set, I carefully removed my 'tools' and put them on a piercing tray [I'm not sure why we have these at my house, but we do].

Next, I prepared the area. I washed the area off with soap and water, and then used some rubbing alcohol, too. I took my design, which I had already drawn out, and placed it against my hip. I carefully traced over it with sharpie marker and made sure it was even in the mirror. Next, I took a deep breath and picked up my exacto knife [by the way, I cleaned all of these with alcohol after boiling them as an extra precaution]. I looked down at my design, which was probably only an inch and a quarter in diameter, and, since it was just a star outline, I decided the easiest way to go about it was to cut one edge at a time, starting with the inside.

The cutting itself didn't really hurt. I wasn't sure if I was going deep enough though, because I wasn't bleeding. However, I could spread the skin apart and see inside the cut, so I decided it was good enough. I was very careful to make sure that all my cuts were an even depth, and once the first edge of the star was cut, I put some bactine on a q-tip to wipe away the sharpie. All the cuts were even and lined up, so I picked up my tweezers and took a deep breath. This was the part that I was nervous about. I spread the cut skin apart with my left hand and tried to pick up a cut [if that makes sense] with the other. No luck. I tried a few more times, and just couldn't really get the hang of it. So, I picked my blade up once again, and carefully placed the tip into the cut, using a soft sawing motion. Finally, the tip entered my flesh, allowing me space to grasp with the tweezers. I carefully grasped the tiny amount of flesh and began sawing at my skin. This didn't really hurt, it just felt really bizarre...I can't even describe the feeling. Just so weird. After a few seconds of this, the skin became totally disconnected from my body. I looked at the small [and I mean SMALL] piece of skin pinched in the tweezers, and looked down at the chunk out of my body. It amazed me to think that my skin stretched so much that a small piece of skin, probably 2mm long and 1mm wide, fit over this spot on my body which was about twice the size. I now placed this piece of skin in a Kleenex and tossed it into my makeshift garbage. My abdomen was now oozing blood, so I cleaned that up with a Kleenex dampened with bactine. Once the bleeding slowed, I rubbed some more alcohol on the blade and tweezers and began again. This time, the cuts seemed to be easier to make [I guess I was just more used to the blade or something], and the removing of skin was MUCH easier, since I could just go from where I left off. I guess the initial removal is just the hardest because you don't have anywhere to start from.

The whole process was finished in about 45 minutes. I lost a bit of blood, but definitely not as much as I had expected [I lost about a tablespoon of blood, whereas I had imagined just gushing blood for hours on end]. Once I was finished, I sprayed my new bloody creation with some bactine [this stung a lot] and covered it with one of those big bandaids, so that if I bled, I wouldn't get it everywhere. Later that night, I took the bandaid off and inspected my wound. I had a perfect outline of a star on my hip, and it wasn't bleeding anymore, it wasn't even red. The area was pure white with some purple dots [veins?]. The sight made me gag a little bit, so I went to clean the area off with soapy water. I dried it carefully and put a bandage over it.

Today, it is doing well. It is scabbing properly and I carefully wipe the scabs off in the shower. I'm excited to see this when it is fully healed. I like to look at it and think that I'm looking at the inside of my body, haha.

I would recommend a skin removal to anyone interested. It doesn't really hurt; so much as just feel creepy. It burns a little bit afterward, but if you truly want it, then that shouldn't be an issue. However, I highly suggest that you really think over your design, as it will be on your body forever. I also really really want you all to go to a TRAINED PROFESSIONAL to get this done, DON'T do this yourself! It was stupid of me, but I'm just glad that I really researched this [as you should, too] and that I really tried my best to make sure that everything was clean. I'm lucky that I haven't gotten an infection or anything, but just because I didn't doesn't mean that you won't, either. GO TO A PROFESSIONAL TO GET THIS DONE!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 Oct. 2006
in Scarification

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