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Two First Timers...One New Mod

   As a current body piercing apprentice I have been interested in all forms of body modification for quite some time now. Recently I was introduced to the movie Modify by my teacher (who is an amazing body piercer) Spider. This movie is amazingly informative and extremely interesting to watch might I add. I had heard of a few different ways to perform scarifications and brandings but had never witnessed any of the procedures until viewing this movie. I had at one point thought about venturing down the path to a brand new branding for myself but after seeing the end result on a few friends I decided it wasn't particularly for me. Then recently Spider began telling me of a new way of scarifications that I had not heard of before. He decided he wanted to try using a tattoo machine. The moment I heard of his new plan I knew I was all for it. Call me miss guinea pig.

As Spider is a body piercer, not a tattoo artist, it was also a first time experience for him. Not only had he not done this form of scarification before, but he had also not been too familiar with a tattoo gun. As with anything else it seems the concept and procedure appeared as though it would be quite easy for him which made me more and more comfortable with the idea of being his "first." The first step was to determine where I wanted this new body mod to go and what I wanted it to look like. Luckily, or rather unluckily, it wasn't hard for me to determine the placement as I had previously attempted a scarification of my own on the lower half of my left arm. All i had to use was some very sharp metal, a lighter, and my right hand. This didn't turn out too well, to say the least. I ended up with an upside down anarchy A that never even got finished. It looked terrible and I found myself wearing these rather ugly arm bands as an attempt to cover up my poorly done body art. We decided to turn the A into a fully filled in star (punk-style...not quite symmetrical.) It seemed to cover up my mistake perfectly and Spider thought he could blend the two scars together well enough that in time only one scar would remain. I couldn't be any more excited!

We had decided to wait until I got back from a trip out east to begin this procedure, but as I am more of a spur of the moment kind of girl I decided to do it last minute about a week before I left town. Spider was all for it. We went to the back of the shop (Spider's piercing area) and began to prepare for my work to be done. I sat down in a chair beside spider, put my arm up on the saran wrapped arm rest, and took a deep breath. I was ready, somewhat nervous, but ready none the less. First the design was drawn on my arm, over my already existing scar, with a skin scribe. After a while of measuring and re-looking we decided it was the way I wanted it. Spider took a moment to get a feel for the tattoo machine and pedal and his roommate Wes turned up the music and took a chair to witness the event. And so it began. He dropped the needles down farther than one would in doing a tattoo and turned it up until it began to "chew up" the skin at a depth that seemed deep enough to leave a pretty nasty wound. If I said it felt a lot like a tattoo, not too painful, id be lying. It hurt. Quite a bit actually, but was WELL worth it. It could have been much worse to say the least. I was somewhat surprised by the amount of blood that was seeping from my arm, but for some reason it made the experience even better. No pain, no gain, right? After about 45 minutes it was all done, bandaged with saran wrap, and burning like mad. It was extremely hot to the touch but stopped burning after about an hour.

It's been about three weeks now and the scabbing is beginning to subdue. About a week and a half after receiving the scarification I stopped wrapping it, soaked it, and rubbed a mixture of Vaseline and sugar into the wound. I was told that this would irritate it enough to help it leave a better scar. It stung like crazy and was pretty brutal in my opinion but as of right now I believe it worked. Which means it was well worth the pain. I guess time will tell. I've loved every minute of the process and would do it all again in a heartbeat. Now all I have to do is figure out what's next.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 Sept. 2006
in Scarification

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Artist: Spider
Studio: The+Neon+Dragon
Location: Hiawatha%2C+Iowa+%28Cedar+Rapids+Area%29

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