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A web upon my web, how rocking is that?

Here's how it begins.

  I have been getting body modifications for almost thirteen years now, and I am a firm believer in the try anything once theory.

I have most of my body worked on by an array of artists in my time, and I have seen alot of things done (if not in person, on the internet or in magazines), and I have always been curious as to how something either felt or how the procedure is done.

Cutting and scarification has always piqued my interests. Being a professional tattoo artist, these things have never bothered me like it does the general public. I will admit one thing, these things frighten me only when it is going to happen to me. I get anxious, and sweatty for quite some time before it happens. When it's all said and done I feel better about myself to have put my body through such extremities and come out mentally stronger.

It started just last Friday. Our shop was putting on it's second annual tattoo convention here in Des Moines,Iowa. I had seen Shane do a rather large cutting on a friend of mine just a few months prior, and I decided to finally get the gall to have it done myself.

I worked all Friday, and Saturday, by Sunday I was a nervous wreck. I can watch the surgery channel all day long, but a scalpel and me...woah! I actually worked out excuses in my head to talk my way out of it, but Shane wouldn't have it. I guess you can't tease a professional such as Shane and expect to walk away without the experience.

I sat at his booth shaking like a leaf, and probably as pale as a sheet while his co-worker drew a nice pattern of a spider web on the webbing of my hand, the part where the index finger and thumb connect. Shane took a look at it, and decided it was too small and the scar tissue would grow together. Back to the drawing board.

It was re-drawn with longer lines, and bigger spaces to compensate for scar room. Now we had not even started yet and I felt light headed. Shane looks up and asks if I am ready, and I surprise myself and say "yes".

The first incision was not as bad as I thought it would be, towards the end of the first line started to feel deeper, and deeper so I grunted with unease. To my surprise, all of the staff of Wingnut was impecibaly awesome. Joel rubbed my shoulders to help loosen me up a bit, another guy was on standby with water and helpful remarks.

A few cuts in I thought I was going to pass out, so Shane stopped and handed me some glucose tablets to keep my blood sugar up ( I think I would have fainted otherwise). A few moment pass and I am ready to finish. Shane did all of the initial cuts, and started to separate the lines by using small nicks in the flesh.

Surprisingly enough for being an extremity of the body, I did not bleed as bad as I thought I would. When dabbing off the blood I could actually feel it start to coagulate, and get sticky against my skin. Shane felt this as well and switched cleaning pads so as to not get anything foreign in my cuts.

It's kind of crazy to see the fatty cells that hold our skin to muscle. Kind of a yellowish white color that I don't think I could mix myself in a color palette. Anyway, this is being done in a convention setting, a place where there are people everywhere. People are gawking, gasping, taking pictures, and generally intrigued.

I looked up at one point, and this girl is watching. She makes the comment "Man, I have so much respect for you right now", which I do admit felt good. Being the least strong person I know, I still put myself through these things to prove to myself I am still alive.

The whole procedure lasted about fifteen minutes, but it felt like a lifetime. The coolest part was when we were about done Shane was using the back of the scalpel to separate the flesh and watching the blodd come out in a web shaped pattern, as well as the chunks of flesh that stood out from the cuts was pretty cool to look at.

After we were all done, and I was all bandaged I gave Shane the biggest hug, and said thank you for not letting me out of such a great experience.

After loading out of the convention, and getting some food I was drained. The whole thing didn't really hurt, but my endorphins were completely used up and my body definitly let me know that. I sat in my lounge chair, and spaced out until I crashed out.

It's the next day now, and it does not hurt at all. The way to hel this is foreign to me, but I can get used to it.

Thank you Shane, and thank you to Shannon and all of the crew of BME for letting people like myself be able to put our stories here.

Aaron Rickabaugh

Sacred skin and Hair,

Des Moines, Iowa


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 Sept. 2006
in Scarification

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Artist: crazy+shane
Studio: the+des+moines+tattoo+convention%2F+wingnut+tattoos
Location: des+moines+Ia%2C+St.+cloud+MN.

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